Buying a MacBook M1 is now cheaper: see what prices

Amazon is without any doubt the place where more users buy daily, and of course, it is a fantastic way through which you can buy your Apple products since in many cases they have a series of discounts that you will never see in Apple Store. Therefore, in this post we bring you the best deals on Apple laptops with an M1 chip, both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, so you don’t miss out on these fantastic discounts.

Apple’s laptops, discounted

Since Apple introduced the M1 chip in its laptops, both in the MacBook Air and in the MacBook Pro, these are two devices that if you judge by their power and performance ratio compared to the price, they are two highly recommended devices. They are even more so at this time when they enjoy a great discount on Amazon. We’ll tell you then.

MacBook Air, the computer for everyone

Without a doubt, the MacBook Air is the laptop for the vast majority of users, and now with more reason since the differences between it and its older brother, the MacBook Pro are really small. If you add to that that the price of this device is always lower, and that on top of that, they now have a great discount on Amazon, it seems like one of the best purchases you can make. Below you have the existing discounts on this device.

  • 256 GB of storage
    • Colour space gray: 150 euros off.
    • Colour gold: 149 euros off.
    • Colour silver: 150 euros off.
  • 512 GB of storage
    • Colour space gray: 188 euros off.
    • Colour gold: 100 euros off.
    • Colour silver: 100 euros off.

Do you want to take a leap of power? The MacBook Pro is calling you

Obviously, within the range of Apple laptops, the MacBook Pro has always been the device that all professionals from different sectors who require a computer with great features, good performance and a lot of power, have acquired. These three characteristics have been more powerful if possible thanks to the fact that they now have Apple’s own chips, the famous M1. If you add the following discounts on Amazon to that, you have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the user experience that a MacBook Pro provides.

  • 256 GB of storage
    • Colour space gray: 250 euros off.
    • Colour silver: 195 euros off.
  • 512 GB of storage
    • Colour space gray: 130 euros off.
    • Colour silver: 133 euros off.

MacBook Pro M1

Guarantees that you have in the purchase

The most common thing is to buy Apple products within the Apple Store itself, however, every day there are more users who benefit from the discounts that apple devices have on Amazon. Really, Amazon is the intermediary between Apple and the consumer since it is the Cupertino company itself that sells these products.

In terms of warranty, you don’t have to worry about anything, you will enjoy 2 years of warranty, Of which, the first is covered by Apple itself, and the second by Amazon, so in that aspect you will not have headaches in case you have a problem with your device. In addition, when buying on Amazon you have up to 30 days to be able to exchange or return the product.

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