Buying a PC with FreeDos When is it worth it?

Many are surprised when they find this operating system on their new computer, but it has an explanation and in many cases its advantages. The first thing we should know is that here we find a fully functional and free operating system compatible with some applications and with MS-DOS drivers. It works on the command line and helps us in the first place to know if the computer that we have bought works, at least to check that it starts.

As you can imagine, this is a system that offers us quite a limited functionality, especially in these times. And it is that it has not been updated for many years and compared to other current graphic proposals, it practically does not solve anything for us on a current PC. However, the fact that we continue to find equipment that is sold at the moment that has this FreeDos system, has its explanation. What’s more, many users look for precisely this pre-installed system when purchasing a new computer, let’s see why.

If we already have a valid Windows license

Keep in mind that, on many occasions, for one reason or another, we may already have a valid license for the operating system of Microsoft. Perhaps they have given it to us or we have it from some other team and we can still use it as it is a retail license. Therefore, it must be taken into account that those teams that already come with Windows 10 pre-installed, in one way or another its manufacturer is charging us, since it is not free for them either.

Hence, acquiring a computer directly with FreeDos in which we save the cost of the system, can be a great help when it comes to save more than 100 euros.

We are going to install a Linux distro

Although Windows is the most used operating system in the world, that does not mean that it is the only one available for desktops or laptops. On many occasions we are going to meet users who prefer to install Linux distributions open source, because what is absurd to pay for a Windows 10 pre-installed on the new PC.

New Ubuntu 21.10 installer

Thanks to FreeDos we will have the possibility of verifying that the computer starts without problem and thus install our new open source operating system in it.

We buy the Windows license on our own

If we buy a Windows 10 license, even the most basic, Home edition, in the official Microsoft store, it far exceeds 100 euros, reaching almost 150 euros. It is possible that some manufacturers install one for us. OEM license something cheaper. However, on the internet we can sometimes find some really interesting offers with much more affordable licenses.

In this way, if we acquire a new computer with FreeDos, we will have the possibility of manually installing Windows 10 from a ISO that we download from the Microsoft page at no cost. Later on it will be that we register the product with the license acquired at a good price, and again we have saved a few euros.

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