Buying a PS5 could remain mission impossible until 2023

An epidemic that continues

According to information published by Bloomberg, Toshiba is going to continue to have problems supplying power regulator chips, and the situation appears to take at least a year, and may extend until the end of 2022. This represents a huge problem for manufacturers of consumer electronics, vehicles and industrial machines, who have seen their production slowed down and sometimes collapsed due to the lack of components.

Among those industries are obviously Sony and Microsoft that, with their Xbox Series X, Series S and PS5, have suffered in their own meats the delays when it comes to manufacturing their consoles to distribute around the world. Well, it seems that things are going to go long, since Toshiba’s problems would directly affect them as they are very important customers, and could delay deliveries once again until the end of 2022.

Toshiba’s own director, Takeshi Kamebuchi, has confirmed that the shortage of materials is such that they will not be able to serve some clients until 2023, so this would take us until then to get one of the new consoles. In the best of cases, September 2022 would be the time when demands could be met with some manufacturers as quickly as possible, so the situation is really critical, since they are basically telling us that we are going to continue such and as we are at least one more year.

The importance of consoles

PS5 size

Toshiba has especially mentioned Sony and Microsoft as one of the company’s most important customers, and has sincerely regretted its frustration at such a situation. That said, we could understand that the consoles would have a privileged position in the order of shipments of materials, but this would do us little if Toshiba points to September as the closest delivery date.

Taking into account that the shortage of consoles affects everyone, it is very possible that getting one will remain mission impossible by the time they hit stores again, since these estimated dates only make us think of the worst.

Of course, those who are already rubbing their hands are those who are dedicated to capturing available units from shopping centers and distribution websites to resell them at astronomical prices. It seems that 2022 could be another good year for these types of scavengers.

Can’t you do anything else?

The situation that Toshiba is suffering is very complicated. The problem lies in the sum of two key factors: the lack of material and the extremely high demand that exists. This has caused component manufacturers to find themselves with a significant plug in their work queue, making it very difficult to get ahead and regain the usual production rate.

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