Buying a refurbished processor on Amazon, a good or bad idea?

The Amazon company in recent weeks has been promoting its second-hand section a lot, since now they are the ones who sell and manage the products, and not external sellers (although there are also). A place where they promise to have all kinds of products, in which some have not even been used, just because their original packaging was opened.

It is a very good way to take advantage of a price drop if we are interested in a specific item. Now, what guarantees do you have? Do second hand processors work well? Let’s see all the details.

Is it profitable to buy something used?

That is the doubt that we all have, since sometimes we find a €200 product for €80 and we think it is a bargain, however, the fact that it is second-hand and what its condition will be like, makes us doubt.

Processors are one of the products that we are most interested in buying in this state because they are usually expensive, at least if we are looking for a good one, and buying them second-hand reduces their price significantly.

Amazon is betting a lot on this market, and we can find thousands of processors in it. Here is the link for you to take a look at.

At the time of this article we can find an Intel Core i5-12400F like new for only €98 when its sealed sale price is +€160. You have to keep in mind that these products fly because they usually arrive one by one and there is usually not much stock, so it is possible that when you read this it is no longer available.

However, Can we trust the status of the product? That is the main problem with buying like this. In this case, Amazon wants to give us all the guarantees and offers us a free return if what we buy is not in the conditions they advertise, so it can be boring to have to buy and return products, but in this case we know that, if We are looking for something cheaper, it is an excellent option because we will always end up paying for what we had in mind.

multiple processors

Processors are one of the most reliable components that a PC has, unlike others, they can last the entire useful life of your computer and therefore someone has sold you theirs does not mean that in 1 year you will have to change it again. Our recommendation is always look for processors that came on the market no more than 2 years agoThis way you can guarantee that whatever you buy will be almost new, that you will not be deceived and that it will last a long time.

Regarding the states, Amazon classifies them as follows.

Just like it sounds. The product is totally new. It must still be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty and its conditions must be specified in detail in the product description. Item retains original packaging on most items described as new, but some, such as shoes, may ship packaged in another box.
Used – Like new or open packaging
Product in perfect working order. It may not have the protective cellophane wrapper, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition. Includes instructions.
Used – Very good
Well cared for product that has been used little and works perfectly. The product may show minimal signs of wear, small scratches or superficial imperfections. The product may arrive with damaged or repackaged packaging with some accessories missing. In each article the missing accessories are clearly specified.
Used – Good
The product shows signs of wear due to its continuous use, although it is in good condition and works correctly. The product may arrive with damaged packaging or it may have been repackaged. The product may have marks from its previous owner or minor superficial damage. It is also possible that some parts or accessories are missing such as screws (in the case of furniture) or the instruction manual.
Used – Acceptable
The product is worn, although it works correctly. The product may arrive with damaged packaging or it may have been repackaged. Signs of wear can be cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, and worn edges. The product may have marks from its previous owner. Some parts or accessories may be missing such as screws (in the case of furniture) or a mouse or USB cable (in the case of laptops).

In short, if you are looking for a processor or other component for your computer, what you have to think about is whether the discount you get for it is worth it, since, if you do it on Amazon, you won’t mind risking it if it goes wrong. Since they say that all your products are checked before assigning a statusso we should try to trust them and think that they will come as indicated, otherwise you will always have the option of returning it.

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