Buying an Apple TV ending 2021, is it worth it?

Prices and main features

To date there are only two models officially for sale at Apple, beyond the fact that later in some store there may still be stocks of previous models. They are these in particular:

  • Apple TV HD:
    • 32GB version: 159 euros
  • Apple TV 4K (2021):
    • 32GB version: 199 euros
    • 64GB version: 219 euros

You may be wondering what exactly an Apple TV is for. Well, broadly speaking, they are an access hub to all kinds of multimedia content such as series, movies, music, podcast, videogames … At first, you will also have seen that by the name of the models, the difference between them is the maximum image quality they support.

It is operated by a wireless controller and includes a very intuitive interface and exclusive to the device. The tvOS operating system offers native apps such as Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcast, Photos, etc. But it also allows app download third parties (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Spotify, video games of all kinds …).

They are also the epicenter of Apple TV + and Apple arcade, the company’s subscription television and video game services. Regarding games, it even allows you to play with game console controllers like PlayStation or Xbox.

Main advantages and disadvantages

At this point, you may wonder if it is really worth it or not. Below we leave you a series of points of view in this regard, both for one side and the other.

When it IS worth it

  • If you do not have a Smart TV or its operating system is not entirely intuitive or fast and you are also a regular at streaming platforms or video games from the App Store.
  • If you want to be able to share your iPhone, iPad, Mac screen on the big screen and even send content directly from AirPlay.

screen sharing apple tv

  • If you want to be able to enjoy Apple Arcade on the big screen, since Mac, iPad and iPhone can stay small depending on which titles.
  • If you have one or more HomePods, since it allows you to connect to these devices quickly. In addition, the features of Apple TV 2021 include the possibility that it works as an intermediary and the speakers can be used even when watching normal TV.

When it will NOT be worth it

  • If your Smart TV not only has a fast operating system, but also incorporates AirPlay functions and even the Apple TV app.
  • If the price of the device seems expensive and you also think that you can satisfy your needs with other alternatives such as Google or Amazon.

Apple TV 4K vs Google Chromecast 2020

  • If you do not have any other Apple device, you can use it the same, but it becomes much less intuitive and functionalities of having several teams in the ecosystem are subtracted.
  • If you are not very assiduous to consume content from streaming platforms and you usually opt for traditional television or other formats such as DVDs.

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