By the way, why is Avast called Avast?

Did you know the reasons why Avast, one of the most famous antiviruses, is called so?

It is one of the most famous antivirus in the world, but also one of the most used, because its basic version is offered for free. It is also identified by the audio announcement that the software broadcasts to announce that ” the VPS virus database has been updated »- and which is sometimes the signal that it is time to go to the program options to deactivate this too noisy notification.

From Alwil to Avast

Avast, which is both the name of the Czech company and the name of the software it publishes, has not always had this identity, however. It was from 2010 that the company “Alwil Software” opted for “Avast Software”, in order to benefit from the already significant notoriety of its product. Indeed, if the Avast software was well identified among Internet users, the name of the publisher, Alwil, was not at all.

Avast logo. // Source: Avast

The company founded by Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš will however have taken its time before proceeding with this renaming, since twenty-two years have elapsed between the time Alwil was founded and the time it was founded. rebranding has been recorded. However, the name Avast had already been used for a very long time in the company: a year after Alwil’s beginnings, in 1989, there was already a trace of this name.

As for the name of Avast, it is in fact an acronym designating what the product does: it stands for “Anti-Virus – Advanced SeT”. This is what Pavel Baudiš recalled when the change of identity of the group was made: “ At the beginning avast! was just a short code name for one of the anti-virus programs we were working on: ‘Anti-virus – Advanced Set’ “.

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