By the way, why is Leetchi called Leetchi?

Have you thought about the origin of the name of the site on which you have already contributed for a pot? Here is how Leetchi got baptized.

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous online jackpot platforms, along with Le Pot Commun. You have certainly already heard of Leetchi, either because you took part in a fundraiser or because of the news. During the movement of yellow vests, a pot had been controversial, because it concerned a man who had struck the police.

These high-profile cases are however quite rare: on Leetchi, we find above all collections for birthdays, departure pots, solidarity jackpots (as during the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris) or donations that take place without a hitch. The site, launched in 2009 by Céline Lazorthes, is today a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, which bought most of the shares in 2015.

Leetchi could have been called Clink

As for its name, you don’t need a lot of savvy to guess where this inspiration comes from. It is the famous fruit, essential to any Chinese restaurant menu, which is at the origin. This relationship is confirmed on the “About” page of the official Leetchi website. It was a friend of Céline Lazorthes who came up with this name, which conveniently replaced “Clink”, the name that was initially considered.

Lychees at the end of a branch. // Source: Paul Scott

Why Clink? Because it must have evoked the clinking of two glasses colliding during a toast – which is not absurd in view of what the pots are for. Except that it was not taken for granted that everyone pronounced this name correctly, especially internationally – an important point for any development outside the French borders. The name also had to be short and memorable.

According to the account given by Leetchi, it was ironically during a drink with relatives that Clink’s successor was found: one of the guests observed that the fruits serve as a breeding ground for ideas in the tech world. to find names. Just think of Orange, Apple or even BlackBerry – Fitbit almost went in that direction too, before going on a name that mixed thinness and digital.

On the other hand, the story does not say why Leetchi chose to use the name of the fruit on purpose by spelling it wrong (in French, it is written lychee; in English, it is written lychee). The logo is also inspired by the fruit, with the use of red that can be found on the shell. The two “e” also symbolize two fruits hanging on a branch, ready to be picked.

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