C++ limitations for programming in 2022

At this time, a growing number of users are determined to enter the interesting world of software programming. Here you can set goals such as the development of your own applications, or even games. There are many languages ​​and platforms to use in this type of task, and now we are going to focus on the popular C++.

Depending on the level we wish to obtain in our development projects, we can choose to start from scratch or use platforms that help us. In the middle of 2022 we find some applications and services that give us almost everything done when it comes to create our own programs or games. However, if we want to have the most control over our jobs of this type, it is appropriate to start from scratch with the compilation using one of the many programming languages.

Some of you who have already started with this type of work at this time, it is more than likely that you know C++. Assuming that we are referring to a proposal designed in 1979, we can say that it has been with us for a good number of years. Its initial reason for being was to extend and improve its predecessor C, something that was largely achieved. Obviously over the years this is a language that has evolved, but at the same time many other more current competitors have emerged.

With all this, this alternative is still widely used and is in force in many current projectsAs I’m sure some of you have seen first-hand. However, also has some important limitations in these times.

There are simpler programming languages ​​than C++

And it is that, due to its growth and improvements in the software, in recent years other more advanced languages ​​and platforms. Therefore, in certain circumstances we can ensure that the aforementioned C++ has some limitations in these times. Next, we are going to talk about some of the most important ones and that can stop us when it comes to getting into learning or use of this programming language.

It is important to know that we are facing a object oriented language that offers us some interesting advantages but has its limitations. In the negative sense, we are going to show some important limitations or two advantages of this programming language.

  • C++ is a very broad language: It is worth mentioning that it is a huge language mainly due to the many years it has been with us. In certain occasions we will have to use a high number of lines of codewhich greatly complicates debugging and bug fixing after it is compiled.
  • More complicated library management: we can affirm that here the work with certain bookstores it is more complicated than other languages. For example, these overheads are simplified in other proposals such as .Net or Java.
  • High learning curve: It is true that C++ can be used for multiple tasks and types of software development, even for games. But the truth is that its learning can be somewhat more complicated and extended over time than other more current proposals. More if we take into account the development platforms that we can use for free.
  • Not suitable for web development: among the many types of programmingone of the most requested at the moment is web development, something for which C++ is not a good option.

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