Cabify will hire more than 200 IT professionals in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Malaga, Valencia and La Coruña

The Spanish platform Cabify has announced a forthcoming massive recruitment to face the challenges that lie ahead and continue advancing in the concept of multi-mobility, in the cities where it operates. Thus, the startup will hire more than 200 technology professionals to work at its headquarters in Madrid, and remotely, in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Seville, Malaga, Valencia and A Coruña, although other locations will also be taken into account. Of these 200 professionals, 100 of them will be engineers and the other 100 will be specialized in digital skills, related to data analysis, marketing or technology.

Cabify communicated two weeks ago the new work policy which has implemented in Spain, a flexible hybrid model that combines the advantages of maintaining the physical workspace and the combination with remote work. In addition, there is the possibility of incorporating new professionals who reside outside of Madrid, something that is now reinforced with this hiring process.

Create a remote hub

The salary conditions of the company’s Product employees are public, as well as the lines that guide the professional careers of these workers. Thanks to these guides, that provide transparency to the organization, you can set the expectations of all team members, combat the salary gap and standardize salary ranges based on skills and specialization, impact and responsibility.

The objective of the company with the incorporation of professionals in some of the large cities where it operates, such as Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia or A Coruña, among others, is to create a remote hub distributed in the national territory that complements its Technological Center in Madrid and that these professionals can use the service itself, which the company also subsidizes them. Profiles residing outside of these cities will also be taken into account to work in full remote.

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This possibility of working remotely in a complete way is in addition to other initiatives that the company has implemented to improve the job satisfaction of its staff and improve work-life balance. In this sense, Cabify has announced that its workers in Spain now have 36 days off per year. To the 22 days of vacation that workers in Spain have, two extra days are added at Christmas, and 12 “Free Days”, days of paid leave, which correspond to the third Friday of each month. Added to all of the above is the intensive working day, enjoyed by all Cabify employees in Spain during the month of August.

The 10-year-old Spanish mobility company is one of the leading technology companies on the national and European scene, and has positioned itself as one of the best companies to work for. In addition, the company continues to be a benchmark in innovation and technology, with a very relevant investment in this field. In this sense, the company increased its investment in R & D & I last year by 15%, despite the pandemic, to reach 10.6 million euros in 2020. In total, Cabify has invested more than 31 million euros in R + D + i in the last five years. In this time, 12 Technological Innovation (IT) projects and one Research and Development (R&D) projects have been certified, the highest consideration that can be granted to innovation projects.

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