Cadillac presents the InnerSpace, an electric sports car concept

Cadillac is not the most enterprising of automotive brands, yet at CES it has been presenting futuristic concepts for two years.

The automotive world is undergoing a transformation with the arrival of ever more powerful, but above all, electric cars. No more huge Ferrari V12s with maddening consumption. If their melody will be missed by many nostalgic, the future is resolutely turned towards “green” cars and their whistling.

These electric models are still capable of offering great sensations behind the wheel. With a reactivity more impressive than any thermal car, electric models are of great interest in the world of motorsport. Today in the Dakar, few cars are still 100% thermal.

An electric and autonomous sports car

If hybridization seems to be the best solution for pure performance in racing, other brands once worn on GTs, are now looking for the magic recipe to make sports cars, elegant and fast, but all without emitting greenhouse gases every time you press the accelerator.

To answer this question, the American brand Cadillac, however not known to be the most avant-garde of the automobile companies, has just presented during this 2022 edition of CES a brand new concept car: the InnerSpace.

A very current concept

This car joins two other concepts, just as crazy, which had been presented during the previous edition of CES. The first of the two was the Halo Personnal Space. This small craft was actually a drone with four propellers, capable of taking off a small individual cabin. The other concept was the Cadillac Social Space: a car capable of accommodating 6 people, all passengers in the vehicle, the latter being perfectly autonomous.

If these concepts, as nice as they are to look at, could intrigue, the InnerSpace has one more thing. The car doesn’t look like it came out of a sci-fi movie and you can easily imagine yourself driving it in a few years. If its very particular look and strongly focused on aerodynamics reminds us that it is a concept and not a production model, the InnerSpace is capable of appearing “real”. A trivial thing for a car, but not that much when it comes to concept, because.

An autonomous car

Despite its very 2022 look, the car remains a jewel of technology that we are not ready to cross at the next red light. Indeed, Cadillac has every intention of making its cars fully autonomous, and InnerSpace is at the top of the list. This car is according to the brand a luxurious alternative for people who want an autonomous car, without finding themselves in square transport without soul.

The manufacturer explains that with an autonomous car, travel times will no longer be wasted fixing the road and holding a steering wheel in place. It will be possible to work, relax or even enjoy multimedia content, like on a train.

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