Caja Rural de Zamora guarantees its business continuity with HPE SimpliVity

Caja Rural de Zamora is a banking entity that is part of the Caja Rural Group, a financial group established in 1990 and currently has more than 300 employees and 90 customer service points.

At a time when digitization has become key to maintaining the productivity and competitiveness of all types of organizations, Caja Rural de Zamora was faced with the need to evolve its IT infrastructure to respond to the demands of its customers. and workers.

Ricardo Barba, CISO of Caja Rural de Zamora, explains that before starting the new digital transformation process, “backups were made with a low level of automation, which required constant supervision and also implied complex administration” .

In addition, Caja Rural de Zamora had to comply with its own Business Continuity Plan, which “requires the use of efficient tools that allow automating tasks in the event of an unexpected event.” Finally, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to extend this business continuity by adopting a desktop virtualization solution (VDI) is raised, so that the entity’s workers could carry out their professional activity remotely.

A hyperconverged banking entity

Taking into account the objectives set by the entity as a whole, the IT department of Caja Rural de Zamora begins to consider that starting a hyperconverged solution It will enable them to “create a robust, reliable and easily manageable resilient environment.”

To achieve this, they decide to put themselves in the hands of Avenet IT, a technology partner with whom they had developed other projects such as the construction of their new data center. When examining the needs of Caja Rural de Zamora, Avenet IT quickly recommends the installation of the hyperconvergence solution HPE SimpliVity.

As Vicente González del Pozo, Head of Business Development at Avenet IT, explains, “we recommend the installation of HPE SimpliVity for different factors: scalability, performance, its built-in backup system and its fault tolerance. Furthermore, it is a solution that we recommend especially for VDI environments, as was the case of Caja Rural de Zamora ”.

More facilities for remote work

For Caja Rural de Zamora, providing its employees with a VDI environment that allows them to work remotely easily has been a before and after in the entity’s operations. Its Systems Director explains that “desktop virtualization has facilitated a rapid deployment of productive environments in cases such as the one experienced with COVID-19, so we have been able to quickly create teleworking environments for our employees ”.

Vicente González del Pozo emphasizes that, thanks to HPE SimpliVity, Caja Rural de Zamora has not only simplified their access to a virtual desktop infrastructure, but the predictive analysis provided by HPE InfoSight “allows them to minimize downtime and optimize performance of the system. In addition, they have improved management, optimization and automatic recovery capabilities, as well as better integrated data protection and disaster recovery functionalities ”.

Finally, Luis González, Account Manager at HPE, highlights that “SimpliVity allows the creation and unification of an infrastructure of virtual desktops and a Disaster Recovery platform that stands out for its security, thanks to the centralized management of the desktops and a significant reduction in costs. HPE SimpliVity accompanies the user in all stages of virtual desktop deployment. From its quick and easy installation, start-up and configuration to its subsequent maintenance and updating ”.

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