Caliber add-ons that you cannot miss to enjoy the program

Keep in mind that we are not only talking about a book reader, but that this is a software solution that goes much further. To give you an idea in addition to being able to read electronic books from here, we can edit them, convert them, manage our personal libraries, even to buy online. And those are just some of the main integrated features that this program offers us.

Most users have more than enough with these functions that we are talking about and that we find as soon as we install the system. However, it is also interesting to know that those who want to get more out of all this, have the possibility of adding new add-ons or add-ons that increase this functionality.

In fact, in these same lines we are going to talk about some of these additional elements that you should take a look at to improve the experience with Caliber. At this point, it should be mentioned that the program as such already has some pre-installed add-ons. However, at the same time we have the possibility to add new ones on our own. This is something we achieve through the Preferences / Plugins / Install New Plugins menu option.

caliber add-ons

Last Modified

This is a plugin that does not allow to have our own column of modifications of Caliber content. Thus, instead of depending on the corresponding column that the program offers us by default, it is reserved for internal use and shows us when the books have been modified, among many other events.

These refer to such important characteristics of the ebook such as its category, the metadata it integrates, the format, the cover, etc.

BookFusion Cloud Sync

On the other hand, we find this other interesting add-on for Caliber with several functions. This allows us to synchronize the entire electronic book library with various devices thanks to deBookFusion. Plus, it automatically removes duplicates when syncing and enables selective content delivery.

To do this, it makes use of a built-in sorting and filtering functionality and also allows complete series to be synchronized, metadata and labels. As you can imagine, all this will allow us to facilitate the sending of content to our reading hardware device.

Count Pages

As its name suggests, here we find a complement that determines the number of pages and words in a book. It also stores the result in custom columns for that input. In addition to general library use, Kindle users can generate their own APNX files using the value of a custom column for the pages.

In this way, when sending an electronic book to the Kindle from Caliber, we will have a page numbering similar to the one that exists when loading books from Amazon.


This add-on imports the notes of the readers of the electronic books that we have in the library from the applications that are compatible. Among these we can find a multitude of programs that add, if we want, the comments or to a custom column. Its appearance is fully configurable and it also collects news clippings from publications and downloaded in Caliber.

It has support for elements of the importance of the annotations of the Kindle, the Kobo ereaders database, Tolino eReaders or GoodReader. In this way we can have the opinions of other users who have read that content first-hand.

Find Duplicates

On many occasions we are going to find ourselves faced with the situation that our library is full of content in the form of ebooks or electronic books. Said in these times and thanks to the growth of these elements in question, we can have a library made up of hundreds or even thousands of these Titles. Therefore, managing all your files can be a bit complicated, something for which Caliber will help us greatly.

For example, when it comes to locating and eliminating duplicate books, we can use this useful complement that we mentioned. We only have to install it and define a series of customizable parameters in order to locate those books that are duplicates and delete them automatically.

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