Caliber keeps receiving updates, should I install them all?

As has always happened with conventional book libraries, it is always interesting to maintain a correct maintenance of our digital libraries. We cannot forget that sometimes we are going to deal with hundreds, or even thousands of electronic books. Therefore, so that they are not lost throughout our disk drives on the PC, it is always advisable to use a program that helps us.

In this sense, there are several options that we can use, as happens in so many software sectors. But if there is one that could be considered the most representative when it comes to managing electronic book libraries, that is Caliber. We are talking about an extremely powerful open source program with a multitude of functions at our disposal. These allow us to read, convert, search, buy e-books, modify or multitask with these ebooks.

It is more than likely that those of you who use Caliber on a regular basis have noticed that the software is updated every so often. This is something that can be seen as beneficial on the one hand, but not so much on the other. And this is a program that receives new updates almost weekly, which for many is a real nuisance. That is why we are going to talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages that this supposes.

Quick fixes

One of the main functions that software updates have is to correct the most recent errors that have been detected. These refer to both the aesthetic and functional sections of the program. Therefore, the constant updates of Caliber mean that these are corrected quickly.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a very powerful program and that are used in millions of computers around the world, each with its own configuration. hence, on many occasions we will find some small bugs, so its developers try to correct them as soon as possible.

We will always have the latest features in Caliber

The same happens with the functions that little by little are coming to the program as time passes. Thus, thanks to the constant updates that we are talking about and that reach Caliber, users can enjoy the latest developments developed a few hours or days after their completion.

This is a software solution for the management of digital libraries that has been with us for an enormous number of years. During this time, it has not stopped receiving new functionalities to adapt to the needs of users in this regard. Therefore we could say that here the updates are very important, although sometimes they are a bit annoying.

The program does not have automatic updates

When we talk that free updates can be annoying for some users, this is because they do not have a upgrade system automatic. Other programs, such as most web browsers, receive and install the updates themselves. However the software We are talking about here, it informs us that there is a new version when we start it, but it is not updated.

For this we have to download the new version by hand, and install it over the old one, which wastes time. At this point, many people ignore this update message for months, something that is not always recommended.

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