Call of Duty could jump from Xbox and PS5 to other machines, but which ones?

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has fans of Call of Duty in suspense, especially those of PlayStation, who see the franchise’s presence on their consoles in danger. So it is normal that with each new statement by Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s video game division, many fear that sooner or later the North American franchise will end up belong exclusively to the Xbox territory.

PlayStation, nothing to fear?

But of course, those same fans who live scared should meet Phil Spencer, a character who has been characterized by something, it is by be tremendously friendly with the rest of the competitors, whom he does not hesitate to congratulate if he thinks they have done something right. Another thing is what happens behind closed doors, where the North American takes out his fangs and makes it very clear what the limits of his franchises are.

The fact is that in the last hours Phil has once again shown his loquacity in the media and he has not hesitated to throw another bone for us to entertain ourselves with. On this occasion, his message has not been restrictive towards the franchise Call of Duty but the other way around, quite expansive because, although he has not referred to a possible exclusive on Xbox and PlayStation march, he has preferred to open horizons and make a wish: where would he like to see the Activision franchise succeed?

Specifically, Phil Spencer has said that «Call of Duty specifically it will be available on PlayStation. I would love to see it on the switch, I would love to see the game on many different screens. Our intention is to treat Call of Duty like Minecraft«.

A global Call of Duty

Indeed, the key is Minecraft. From the beginning of the agreement between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, many advanced that the Redmond plans would not be restrictive and, on the contrary, they would seek to end up conquering any device on which a video game could be run. We will not say that a cash register as in the case of doombut yes consoles, computers, smart mobile phones, tablets and even Smart TV.

Call of Duty Warzone.

Microsoft is aware that the smallest market for video games is for consoles and that a large part of the business pie resides in mobile devices, where nearly 2,800 million people around the world are permanently hooked in one way or another. The rest, up to 3,000, are users of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo machines, both current and previous generations, so…

Proof of this is that Phil Spencer himself wants to make it clear by stating that “this opportunity [la adquisición] does it really have to do with mobiles for us […] If we think of the three billion people who play video games, there are only about 200 million homes with a console. That is, they will continue to expand the leg war zone of Call of Duty and others that may appear in the future.

In the case of Switch, obviously, it’s about a necessary step to be present in 100% of homes with consoles and would return to the fold of the Japanese practically a decade after its last installment, after the launch for Wii U of Call of Duty Ghosts at the end of 2013. So seeing what Microsoft wants to do, if you’re a gamer of PlayStation, do not fear for issues as banal as that of exclusivity. In Xbox they do not seem to be in the business of taking off sales, income and profits.

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