Call of Duty lost 50 million players in one year, the downfall of a video game giant

It’s the descent into hell for Activision and its Call of Duty license. In its recent report to investors, the publisher revealed that the franchise amassed 100 million players in March 2022. That’s 50 million less than the previous year at the same time. Too many bugs, invasion of cheaters, lack of renewal: the reasons for this fall are multiple.

There was a time when Call of Duty was the cream of what FPS had to offer. Nostalgics will remember the release of Mordern Warfare which quite simply revolutionized multiplayer on consoles, followed by the equally successful second and third episodes which propelled the franchise to the rank of global cultural phenomenon. Only here, years later, the sauce seems to have fallen.

During its financial report for the first quarter of 2022, Activision had to face the facts: Call of Duty is no longer as popular as before. Of course, what is a failure for Call of Duty still far exceeds the popularity of all other games. Still, the entire license has “only” 100 million players in March 2022. The previous year, at the same period, there were 150 million.

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Is this the end of Call of Duty?

Activision underlines it perfectly: Vanguard, last born of the series, caused a “lower commitment” than its predecessors. In fact, many of them still prefer Warzone, the free battle royale version that still gets regular updates. But as for the other episodes, it’s a disaster. It must be said that the list of things to complain about is long.

Starting with an insistent recycling that is beginning to be seriously felt. While the reboot of Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled for October this year, we feel a certain lack of inspiration from Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Added to this are servers plagued by cheaters, as well as persistent bugs that developers are struggling to solve. If Microsoft has not indicated that it wants to end the franchise, the latter will have to redouble its efforts to remain relevant.

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