Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: banned, a player goes to Activision to challenge the decision

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II player unhappy about being banned twice decided to drop by an Activision studio in Austin, Texas, to challenge his account suspension.

Credits: Activision

This week, a player overly frustrated with their Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 account suspended may have gone too far. The latter went to the Activision studio located in Austin, Texas, in the hopes of talking about his problem with a real member of staff. We know that Activision has made a lot of effort in recent months to ban cheaters, but more recently, some suspensions on Modern Warfare 2 actually seem unwarranted.

In a post now deleted on reddit, the player recounts the smallest details of his adventure. The first-person shooter fan says he was arrested by a security guard after entering the parking lot of the company’s offices in Austin on Monday, October 31. The fan says he asked “ politely “to be able to come into the office to complain about the suspension” unjustified from his Modern Warfare 2 account, after spending $140 on a special version of the game.

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The fan was unable to enter the Activision premises

Fortunately, the fan was refused entry, and the guards advised him to wait for customer service to resolve the issue. The latter would have presumably transmitted the message, according to the post, but there was no direct contact between the player and the employees of Activision. ” The fact that I can’t talk to someone from Activision Blizzard is very frustrating when I just want to enjoy this game I spent $140 on “, concludes the player.

While one can understand that a seemingly unwarranted ban can be very frustrating, especially after spending so much money in-game, showing up at the developer’s offices really isn’t the best way to resolve a problem. Indeed, with other more threatening individuals, this situation could have possibly turned out very badly for the developers of the studio.

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