Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: here’s how to access the multiplayer beta

The highly anticipated Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta will begin on September 16, 2022 on PS4 and PS5. Conditions of access, storage space required, we explain how to play the beta of Activision’s new FPS.

Credits: Activision

This end of the year 2022 promises to be loaded with video game releases, between A Plague Tale: Requiem, FIFA 23, the very exciting God of War: Ragnarok or The Callisto Protocol, by the creators of Dead Space. Of course, we will also have the right in October 2022 to a new episode of Call of Duty.

Indeed, Infinity Ward will offer us a complete reboot of Modern Warfare 2. The title is expected on October 28, 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5, and PC. And from September 16the COD Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta will open its doors, at least on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, due to the partnership between Sony and Activision.

Here’s how to access the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta

To access it, however, you will have to tick a few boxes. First, you will need to have pre-ordered the game on PS4 or PS5. Then from September 18 to 26, the beta will be open to all Playstation owners.

On Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, we will have to wait September 22 if you pre-ordered the game. For others, the beta will be accessible from September 23 to 26. For Playstation players who purchased the game in advance, please note that it is already possible to Pre-download the COD Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Beta.

cod modern warfare 2 beta
Credits: Activision

Be careful though, you will need to provide some space on the internal storage space of your console. As usual unfortunately with the titles of the saga, this episode will not be a featherweight since it will take between 45 and 50 GB, just for the beta. We dare not even imagine the size of the game once the single-player campaign is available. We can count on a hundred gigabytes probably.

Regarding the story mode precisely, Activision recently published an explosive trailer of the single player campaign. Moreover, the American publisher took the opportunity to announce a sizeable bonus for those who have pre-ordered the digital edition of the game. Indeed, they will be able to access the campaign 8 days before the official release of the game, i.e. October 20, 2022.

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