Call of Duty: Warzone is riddled with bugs, Activision apologizes and promises to fix them

Call of Duty fans regularly express their outrage at the current state of the bug-ridden Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone games. Activision has officially apologized on Twitter.

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Bugs are rife in all Call of Duty titles. Some are minor and fun, while others break the game so badly that they make it unplayable, besides causing significant issues for players. The various developers of Call of Duty have taken note of the anger of the players on the social networks, and issued a press release in which they apologize. The studios have also announced that improvements will be coming soon.

Our teams are working hard to resolve issues encountered in Vanguard, Warzone and Modern Warfare », Indicates the press release. ” Updates are deployed as quickly as possible. We want everyone to have a seamless experience, regardless of the game, game mode or platform you are playing on. “. The company also recalled that player comments were ” essential To the development process.

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Activision promises to update games to reduce bugs

Activision took advantage of its press release to say more about the various recent and upcoming fixes for Warzone and Vanguard. We can in particular cite fixes for invisible skins and an improved performance on Xbox and PlayStation. As for Vanguard, it should benefit from a reduction in the number of guns and a more diverse selection of cards in the rotation. We hope that the next title in the saga, which could be a remake of Modern Warfare 2, will be less riddled with bugs.

In addition to the bugs, Activision is also leading a real crusade against cheaters, who also come spoil the experience of many players who did not ask for anything. The studio recently announced that cheaters will be banned for life from all games in the franchise, which means that if you cheat on Warzone, you will not be able to play Vanguard or the next title that will arrive in the game. end of the year.

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