Can a MacBook be charged with another charger? What should you look for?

Everything can be joys using a MacBook until it suddenly runs out of battery. This, like any other laptop, will require a power supply / charger to continue working. Let’s suppose that you are in that situation and, for whatever reason, you do not have the original charger at hand or you have lost or damaged it. What other charger can you use? We will tell you.

That there is no lack of power, although you could have a lot left over

Regardless of what type of charging your MacBook supports, which can be via MagSafe or USB-C (even both on 2021 MacBook Pros), you will need to have a power adapter. The most important thing when choosing which charger to use with the MacBook is the power that it supports, because not just any will do. The charger of the iPhone or iPad will not work or at least not in the desired way.

As a general rule, chargers for mobile devices and tablets and more specifically those of Apple have powers ranging from 5 W to 20 W. The first should be completely ruled out, since not only will it charge the MacBook very slowly, but that could directly not charge it, observing that the battery percentage continues to drop despite being connected. This is because in the end the computer is consuming more energy than it is entering it.

With the power of 20w you will be able to go less in a hurry, although it is still not the most recommended. The optimal thing is that you have a power of at least 29 W, which will allow you to have more acceptable loading times even when you are using the computer.

As for maximum power respect, currently the maximum supported by a MacBook is 96 W, although only in the ‘Pro’ models of 2021. In any other laptop of previous generations you can also use it, like other more powerful adapters, although it will be in the end lost power because they will not take advantage of it or have any type of load fast. Not to mention that, choosing one of a higher power than yours admits, it is usually more expensive and therefore also affects your pocket.

Other aspects that you should always check

Having power as the epicenter of what must be verified when choosing well, we must not ignore other factors that, added, are also very important. The first one is obvious: the accessory quality, given that a bad adapter could generate less efficient charges, with intermittent cuts and even overheating that ultimately cause the device’s battery to deteriorate.

The other aspect is related to the quality of the material itself, even more when you buy it together with a cable. It may be of excellent quality at the level of load efficiency, but if its materials are of poor quality it will wear out much faster or even breakage in the case of the cable. Therefore, and as a conclusion, do not trust everything to any type of charger and always try to ensure that it has some type of quality certificate.

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