Can a PS5 Slim be made? This youtuber has achieved it

The first model of each generation of PlayStation has always been characterized by its size. When a Sony console has been on the market for a few years, the company usually releases a Slim model. The Playstation 5 it is the largest console Sony has released to date. At the moment, the Japanese company has only released a revision of this model, the famous PlayStation 5 Chassis B. Is there any hope that we will see a slim version of this new generation console in the coming years? The youtuber DIY Perks clearly yes.

Why is the PS5 so big?

The PlayStation 5 is a huge console due to two very important factors: its power supply and its heat dissipation system. The processor that moves the console has a 180 watt TDP, which means that the PS5 must dissipate much more thermal energy than previous consoles. In this case, the new generation console heats up practically the same as a desktop computer with a high-end processor.

To solve this problem, Sony designed a rather bulky cooling system that they ended up redesigning a year later with the release of the PlayStation 5 Chassis B. However, the console continued to occupy the same space.

East youtuber has made his own PS5 Slim

DIY Perks is a YouTube channel run by matthew perks, a British boy who has been surprising us for years with his videos. Matt is an expert in the art of tinkering, and has taught us crazy things like repairing a hard drive at home, turning broken computer screens into fake windows, or even building an invisible computer—putting the components inside the table itself. .

This week, Matt has dared with the PS5. To do this, she disassembled her console and began to investigate how she could dissipate heat efficiently and being able to reduce the thickness of this to only two centimeters.

Tailor-made liquid cooling

rl ps5 slim.jpg

Matt was clear that the solution had to go through liquid cooling, but the models that are sold in the market are also very bulky, so he could not reach his previously set goal. To achieve this, Matt has designed his own liquid cooling circuit between several copper plates. The idea and the operation of the system is simply spectacular, although Matt had problems during the first boot and even damaged the board due to a small planning error.

According to the power supply, Matt’s solution is very much in line with what Sony has done in some of its Slim consoles, which is basically to place it outside the device. Liquid cooling also takes some components out of the copper casing that he has designed himself.

Is it viable for a future official PS5 Slim?

ps5 copper rl diy perks.jpg

The result of this project is not perfect, but the truth is that the youtuber has managed to overcome the challenge that was set aheadachieving a PS5 with a thickness of only 1.9 centimeters.

If Matthew Perks has shown anything, it is that making a PlayStation 5 Slim is possible. However, a console with these characteristics would cost much more money than Sony asks us for its PS5.

The next redesign of the PS5 will be slimmer, yes or yes, but reaching these extremes will be almost impossible to manufacture, since very few consumers would be willing to pay its price. However, this project may have opened the door to companies that want to build an alternative chassis for the PS5 taking inspiration from this design by Matt.

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