Can an iPhone 11 be charged by MagSafe?

It’s been almost a year and a half since MagSafe technology was introduced in iPhones. The standard of charging by magnets that had been exclusive to the MacBook reached the smartphone now from the iPhone 12, continuing the ’13’ with the same characteristics. But what about older models like the iPhone 11? Is there no way to make them have MagSafe connectivity? Well yes, there is.

And it is that MagSafe technology encompasses various accessories. The best known are chargers, be they from Apple or any other licensed brand. But we also find covers, supports and even external batteries that are magnetized to the back without the need to place anything else. Well, the iPhone 11 does not have that system of magnets that allows them to adhere as with the iPhone 12 and 13, but there is a certain compatibility. And if there isn’t, it can be “forced.”

IPhone 11 supports charging with the MagSafe

The particularity of the MagSafe charger is none other than that of offering magnetism with the iPhone and that, first of all, it adheres correctly to the back of it. However, in the end they do not cease to be wireless chargers like any other. Therefore, if you have an iPhone 11 you can place it perfectly on top of one of these and see how it charges wirelessly as with any other.

It will not be as easy to adhere it as in the iPhone 12 and 13 that have magnets, but power can be done. Now, if we look specifically at the official Apple MagSafe charger we can see how the loading times they are quite poor in recent devices, so in the ’11’ things will get a lot worse. In any case, it will charge and, if not, you can always opt for chargers from other brands that guarantee better times.

You can add MagSafe technology yourself

We are not referring to disassembling the iPhone 11 and introducing a system of magnets, something that despite being possible seems complicated. Rather we refer to the possibility of add a MagSafe sticker which is in the end a circular adhesive made with magnets and that can be attached to the iPhone in question or its case, thus offering full compatibility with these accessories.

It is perhaps not the most aesthetic in the world, but if it is used in a case and placed inside, it could look the same as before and on top of it be compatible with MagSafe. They are not usually very expensive, in fact on Amazon you can find them for just over 10 euros. The disadvantage they have is that they grip a little less than the original Apple magnet system and that over time it will eventually come off, but they are usually quite durable and do the job perfectly.

magsafe ring

Another point to keep in mind is that they are universal. That is, it does not have to be for the iPhone 11 as we are commenting, but it could be used perfectly for any other iPhone model. For the ’12’ and ’13’ not so much, since apart from the fact that they already have it, it will not increase their magnetism and could even be counterproductive.

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