Can Apple Finance a Refurbished iPhone?

Apple not only sells new iPhones in its online store, but they also offer a section for reconditioned products, including the brand’s smartphones. These have the price as the main attraction, being lower than those that are new. However, despite this, there are those who wonder if it is possible to establish financing with Cetelem or another financial one as it happens with those who are new. Y…

No, they do not admit financing

Unfortunately, if you are going to buy a refurbished iPhone, you can find a variability of stock that can allow you to find just the device you want. Its price, as we have already been saying, will be lower than what it would cost again. However, when you proceed to buy it there is no option in which financing is included.

They accept card payments, with Apple Pay, as well as collection in store or at home. They also offer the ability to link the purchase to an Apple ID. Come on, in short, all the options that are given are identical to that of a normal and current purchase of a new product. However, in no case is there the possibility of choosing a deferred payment as it is offered with new iPhones.

In fact, no refurbished product Apple supports this possibility. The others, as we already said, do admit the possibility of paying in various installments through Cetelem, always being an interesting option for those who do not want (or cannot) pay everything to tocateja.

So is it financially worth buying them?

In the end, it will be up to each one to decide whether to buy it or not based on their purchasing power and how much they are willing to spend on an iPhone. However, objectively we can see since they are of the best buying options offered by Apple. It allows you to get devices that are no longer officially for sale and some others that, despite being on the market, are offered at really low prices.

In fact, among all the advantages of a reconditioned iPhone we can find that in the end they are practically new phones for the number of parts that are changed and the performance tests that are carried out to guarantee that they are fully functional. Therefore, if you do not need to have the latest of the latest and you also want to save money, it is a great option. Of course, based on what we have been counting, you must bear in mind that you will have to pay it at once without any possibility of paying in installments.

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