Can HomeKit be used on an Android?

HomeKit was introduced at WWDC (Apple Developer Event) 2014 as a home automation protocol that allowed to unify and facilitate the arrival of this technology to all homes. Without a doubt, it was a great help to be able to unify all the home automation applications in the house in a single app. In this post we will tell you if it is compatible with Android.

HomeKit marked a before and after for smart homes. With the passage of time since its arrival, it has concentrated all those accesses into one and the best thing is that it has been placed at your fingertips. You can manage all the home automation that we implement from your own iPhone or by voice commands with the help of Siri.

It is without a doubt one of the best apps that Apple has made. It offers the possibility of having all the smart devices unified in a single application, without having to have an app for each external device. Of course, before buying a product you have to check that it is compatible with HomeKit.


For HomeKit to work, you will need at least 4 devices, which are:

  1. A iPhone. This is the tool that will allow you to control and give orders to the home. It must be an iPhone 5 or later, therefore compatible with iOS 10 (in the middle of 2022 you will not have problems) and equipped with Siri.
  2. A AppleTV or a iPad which must always remain inside the house. It will form the “base” capable of communicating with all the objects in your home. Basically, you’ll give the commands to the iPhone which will transmit them to the TV (or iPad). From here the inputs will be sent to the appliances and other connected accessories.
  3. at least one compatible product. It is the last link in the chain, the object that will execute your command. Without a compatible device, you will not be able to give any commands as it will not be able to run on any device.
  4. A wifi network so that all the teams are connected and you can give orders and have them executed. It is important that all devices (both external and Apple) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Reasons why it is not supported

However, like many of Apple’s devices and apps, it’s only available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod. This makes many devices such as Android tablets and mobile phones unable to use it. It is only compatible with Apple devices running iOS 10 or higher and equipped with Siri, so not all Apple models are supported either.

iphone home kit

Apple’s idea is to be able to connect all its products in a functional and complete ecosystem, so one of its priorities is for this app to be used exclusively by Apple products. It allows connections with external brands thanks to the agreements that it has been signing over the years for the growth and development of this app and many other applications and elements. These agreements have made Apple a much more universal brand and you can have many more options to buy external products that really work well with the devices created in Cupertino.

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