Can I add my games to the Epic Store?

These stores to which we refer offer us multiple features and operating modes that meet the needs of the majority. So we can buy, download, install and run our favorite games almost immediately. To all this, we can add the multiple additional functions that they offer us for manage these games or interact with the rest of the players.

Keep in mind that the two mentioned are not the only PC game stores that we can use today. We tell you this because sometimes they offer the possibility of interacting between the contents of one and the other. For example, this means that we have the ability to add games from our Epic Games library to Steam. On the contrary, we cannot carry out the inverse method, but we are going to talk about another similar case that may be useful to you.

Specifically, we refer to the possibility of add the games from my account to the aforementioned Epic Store. Many of you will already know that is a gaming platform known for years with thousands of content that we can acquire. For this only we need an account on the platform. Many of the titles that are proposed here are independent and indie, which attracts the attention of many users. That is precisely why being able to download and run these titles from the clientwill be appreciated by many.

How to enjoy games on the Epic Store

Well, all of you who have an account and games in the library of the platform, you should know that you can add them to the Epic client. This is something that has been available for some time and that we are going to show you how you can achieve it. Contrary to what happens in other similar cases, initially the functionality to achieve this is not integrated into the client.

This means that in order to run our games on that platform we will need add one add-on application to the Epic Store client. You can download it from the firm’s official store. In this way you will only have to click on the Get button to start the installation process.

app itch epic store

Of course, we must bear in mind that the proposed link allows us to download the application to our store library. As it happens with the rest of the games that we buy and download, we will have to locate it to be able to install it and that be part of our content here.

install itch

Keep in mind that this application that we are talking about takes up very little space, so this will not be a problem. Once the app has been completely installed on our computer, we will only have to enter our access credentials by Then, we will be able to download and run the games on this platform in the Epic store client. This will allow us to combine both platforms and enjoy all our games from a single interface.

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