Can I always have VLC on view playing a video?

This is a development that has been with us for a good number of years and that little by little has gained the trust of the majority. Not for nothing can it be considered one of the leaders in the sector and that we can find in most mobile and desktop computers. This program of VideoLAN It offers us a good number of features that make it a benchmark. Here we can highlight the reliability and stability that it offers us, as well as the compatibility with almost all multimedia file formats, and the included functions.

In fact, we could say that VLC adapts to both the needs of novice users and those of the most experienced when it comes to play your video and music files. If we don’t want to complicate our lives, all we have to do is drag the corresponding file to the interface of the program to start playing. But at the same time, those who want to control this task as much as possible have at their disposal an enormous amount of customizable parameters and settings.

However, if we do not have the program in full screen, when clicking on the window of any other application in operation, it hits VLC. This means that we lose sight of the playback of the video that we are making at that moment. It is not strange, since the Windows window that we mark with the focus it is in the foreground by default.

Never lose sight of VLC videos

However, on certain occasions we want that video content is never hidden by other running applications. So much so that the player itself that we are talking about in these lines offers us a function for all of this. In other words, we can make use of a multimedia player setting that allows it to be visible at all times, even if we open other programs in Windows later.

Obviously with all this what we achieve is that the window with the video in playback is always the view in closeup on our desk. By default this is a functionality that is deactivated, but we can always start it up easily, as we will see. For this we only have to start VLC in a conventional way on our computer. Before we get the actual video content playback up and running, let’s take a look at the menus on its main interface.

In this case, the option that interests us is the call Watch, where we click to see what the program offers us here. Among the available functions we find one called always above allwhich is what interests us in this case.

vlc view

We have already told you before that by default this is a function that is disabled in the program. Thus, once we have activated it in the VLC player, it will always be in the foreground so that we can see the content played at all times. If we change our mind, we only have to deactivate this functionality that we commented on from the same menu.

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