Can I buy a Microsoft 365 with Windows license included?

Surely many of you know more than enough about the useful office suite that this company offers us, Office. Over the years we have seen how new versions were arriving full of technological advances and new functions. Likewise, at this time we have the possibility of paying for the subscription modality that does not offer so many advantages. We are talking about Microsoft 365, formerly known as office 365. Thanks to this subscription model we have the possibility of using and paying for the programs of the suite for as long as we need them.

This avoids us having to pay the high cost of the license, although obviously this will never be ours in this case. That is why the Redmond giant is currently betting heavily on this Microsoft 365 subscription mode both on a personal and professional level. In fact, if we opt to use this version, we have several editions and types of offers that try to adapt to what we need.

At first we must take into consideration that on a personal level we find solutions for both one user and for several. As it could not be otherwise, the cost of the subscription increases in the second of the alternatives, although for example in a family it is profitable. In addition, we find several alternatives to choose from. Microsoft 365 at the enterprise level. But perhaps on some occasion we have wondered about the possibility of include Windows in the subscription mentioned of the office suite.

How to include Windows in a Microsoft 365 subscription

In this way we would have two of the most important and used products of the firm in a single package using this subscription model. This is something that could be very useful in certain circumstances and modes of use. Those of you who have wondered about this possibility at some point, say that the plans for the end user do not offer us this possibility.

In part it has its logic, since it is at the business level where they are needed multi-computer licenses, and it makes more sense to purchase multiple Microsoft 365 subscriptions that also include Windows. This makes it much easier to management and control by system administrators for the renewal, management and cancellation of all this. You have to know that we have the possibility of using Windows in its Enterprise version in a total of three Microsoft 365 subscription models.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you here, say that we will have the possibility of making use of both the Office programs with the operating system in Microsoft 365 E3, E5 and F3. Of course, as we mentioned before, these models are especially focused on business use. In fact, they also include access to some corporate platforms for communication via the Internet and local networks.

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