Can I create 2D games with Unreal Engine?

The software sector related to development is becoming more accessible to everyone. This is because many platforms and services make these tasks much easier for us, both when creating applications and games. If we focus on this second type of software, the Unreal Engine plays a very important role at the moment.

Specifically, here we are talking about an element especially indicated for the video games development which continues to grow in importance. It is one of the most powerful engines for these tasks belonging to Epic Games. Since last year 2015 this firm released it so that any user or company could make use of it for their own projects. In this way, it puts at our disposal everything we need to help us develop our own games, although it is preferable to have some programming knowledge.

One of the main advantages that this engine offers us is that we can develop projects for all types of operating systems and devices. In fact, in order to make things easier for us, when we start working here we only have to choose the type of project and platform, to be able to use a series of help templates. At the same time we must bear in mind that this popular engine is especially focused on 3D video games.

All this means that its functions will not be especially useful when developing our leisure projects in three dimensional environments. It is precisely for this reason that many may wonder about the possibility of using Unreal Engine for the 2D title creationsomething that we will clarify next.

What to do to develop 2D games in Unreal Engine

As we have mentioned before and at this point that we are discussing, the first thing we should know is that Unreal Engine is focused on three-dimensional developments. Also, not only for gaming, and at the same time this engine can be used for architecturemovies, simulationetc.

However, although natively this development engine does not present us with functions to design 2D projectsYes, we can use external resources and tools. Keep in mind that this game engine can be complemented with a multitude of third-party tools in order to complement its operation. So much so that we can take advantage of all this for the development of two-dimensional video games, for example.

To give you an approximate idea of ​​what we are talking about, a clear case of all this is found in the application Paper 2D. This is a powerful tools for Unreal Engine to create 2D and hybrid games. So we can edit our projects of this type from here, create animations using key frames and specifying their duration. This is one of the many examples that we can use on the internet to create this type of game with the engine described above.

With everything and with it and if we take into account that this proposal is specially designed for three-dimensional work, perhaps for other types of projects we should consider changing the development engine. This would possibly allow us to achieve the objectives we seek in a simpler and native way.

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