Can I install and use Adobe Acrobat on my Debian PC?

The files in PDF format These days they are used in all kinds of environments, both professional and domestic. In fact, one of the main characteristics of this office format is its versatility, hence its enormous growth and use.

Precisely for all this that we are commenting on, there are many software developers who offer us their projects to work with these files. As is usual, we find both free and paid applications, some more complete than others. In this way and thanks to the enormous availability, we only have to choose the program that best suits our needs or tastes. In this sense, the best known proposal and one of the most used is Adobe Acrobat, at least on Windows-based computers.

We say this because as with the rest of the programs of this company, its availability in Linux is quite limited. For example, if we work with a Debian-based PC, it may be possible that we want to download and use Adobe Acrobat to work with PDFs. This is something that some have probably tried or others have wondered, so we are going to clarify the possibilities that we can use. It is true that Debian is one of the most popular Linux distributions, but it still encounters certain pitfalls when using certain software titles.

In fact, in this case things are not as simple when using Adobe Acrobat as it could be on those computers based on Windows or macOS.

Use Adobe Acrobat to work with PDF on Debian

The first thing to keep in mind if we ask ourselves this question working with a system like Debian, is that Adobe does not offer us a version of Acrobat. It is true that we have the possibility to download e install via FTP from Terminal an old 32-bit version of the application. However, this may not be the best solution we can use when working with these files in Pdf format.

And it is that users in most cases want to enjoy the latest functions launched on the market, even in these office environments. Therefore, as with other applications that we want to use in Linux, it is best to use Wine. This is a tool that, as many of you already know, allows us to use certain Windows programs in our distros such as Debian. It has been around for a long time and has not stopped gaining followers and users who take advantage of non-supported programs natively in Linux.

But this is not the only solution we have when working with our PDFs in an open source system like this one. We have many other many alternatives focused on this type of work and also 100% compatible free on our team with Debian. Even when we can opt for some Web applications, many of them very complete, which allow us to work with PDF files directly from the browser.

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