Can I install and use Microsoft Office on Debian?

There are many users who over time are rejecting the leading operating system in the desktop computers, Windows. Therefore, they choose to use open source software like some of the many Linux distributions that we can use. A clear example of all this is found in one of the most popular distros such as Debian, which we will talk about below.

While just a few years ago migrating from Windows to Linux might seem like a somewhat risky task, today it has become a lot easier. One of the main reasons for all this is that the developers of the open source system try to greatly facilitate the use of their projects for the novice. It could be said by now that one of the main measures that have been taken is to use this operating system in a similar way to Microsoft’s.

Linux software limitations

With this, what is achieved is that many of those who are unhappy with some of the versions of Windows, they go to work with some Linux like Debian from one day to the next. The truth is that this operating system is increasingly affordable for all types of users. At the same time, another issue that must be kept in mind is those related to the applications that we can use. For example, for PC game lovers this may not be the best alternative.

The same can happen with other applications with enormous market penetration such as Microsoft’s office suite, Office. The programs that make up it could be considered as one of the most used in the world. Hence, many users who migrate to Linux one of the things that will wonder is if they can use Word, Excel or PowerPoint in Debian, for example.

And is that despite the fact that there are many alternatives to these office programs that we discussed, most opt ​​for the Microsoft proposal.

How to use Office on Debian

At this point, the first thing we must know is that we do not have the possibility, at least in a conventional way, to use Office on the Debian system. This is because the software giant has not released versions of Linux for the suite for which we refer you here. However, we must also bear in mind that we have some alternative solutions to be able to do this that we are commenting on.

For example, we will always have the possibility to use the Wine platform, to run Word, Excel and the rest of the applications that make up Office. This, as many of you may already know, is a platform that allows you to install native Windows software on Linux. In fact, this same solution can be extremely useful for many other applications that can only be used in Windows. But this is not the only solution that we can benefit from, as we will see.

And when the time comes, we can also use the web version of the office suite that we access from any browser. It is true that it is much more limited than the version we installed, but to get out of the way this can be more than enough for many users.

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