Can I install Flash on my Raspberry Pi?

Here we find ourselves with a small computer that we can give many different uses to. In this way, there are users who choose to set up a P2P download server, a remote storage system, a multimedia center, or even a retro video game console. Largely due to the enormous versatility of this device and its different uses, we also have a wide range of possibilities when choosing an operating system.

In most cases, many users opt for the most common option on Raspberry Pi. This is none other than the open source system Raspbianwhich is actually a Debian-based Linux distribution and designed for this equipment. But as we say, we have many other very interesting alternatives. As with most Linux distributions that we install on a conventional PC, later on the Raspberry Pi we install the necessary applications. The variety of these will depend on the approach or type of use that we make of the mini PC.

But to give us an idea, here we can install and use most of the open source software solutions common in Linux. Created at this point, many users may ask about the possibility of installing and using Adobe Flash on this type of equipment.

Install Flash on a Raspberry Pi

First of all, keep in mind that this is a standard software which is now practically gone. In fact, not even its own Adobe developers offer support for it anymore. But with everything and with it a multitude of users continue to use Flash for the execution of certain applications. That is precisely where the need to install all this on a Raspberry Pi may come from.

flash raspberry

At this point we will tell you that, from the first versions of the board, we have the possibility of installing this standard on it. Say this is something we can carry through an ancient open source Flash plugin called Gnash. Therefore, to install the Raspberry Pi operating system we can do it through the following commands:

sudo apt-get install gnash sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

Of course, at this point there are several sections that we must take into consideration. First of all, it is that this plugin to run Flash applications on Linux It’s been a while without support. While a few years ago this type of movement was quite used and widespread, right now it can even be dangerous for the system.

And something similar happens when we refer to the Adobe software standard as such. Using Flash right now is taking a risk in most cases unnecessary, especially when we have to use add-ons that are equally unsupported. Therefore, unless it is strictly necessary, under no circumstances do we recommend trying to install and run Flash on a Raspberry Pi.

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