Can I open a Word DOCX directly in Notepad?

If there is a specific type of software that is not lacking in almost all computers, that is the text editor. We can install in Windows one of the many third-party options that we find, but also the system by default offers us two integrated solutions. We refer to the popular Notepad and WordPad.

These are two programs that we found pre-installed in the Microsoft operating system when we started working with it from scratch. Next, we want to focus on the first of the proposals, the Memo pad, a program that is characterized by its simplicity in general terms. Specifically, we are talking about an application integrated into Windows that focuses on working with plain text and that does not have too many functions.

With everything and with it, surely many of you have used this over the years and versions of the system, since it has been with us for a long time. It allows us, all of this quickly and easily, to open a multitude of text files, create our own annotation document, or even create our own programming scripts. Of course, in terms of its functionality, this software solution is not comparable to other more advanced and powerful ones such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer.

However, at this point many users may be wondering about the possibility of open documents in DOCX format directly in Notepad of Windows. Well then, those who have raised this question on some occasion, say that from the outset the answer is that yes there is a possibility. But we are going to find some later problems, as we will see.

Problems opening a Word document in Notepad

It is worth mentioning that, by default, to view a new file in this program we only have to go to the option File / Open menu. But initially, only those documents with .txt extension. Therefore, to open a file in any other format, we must open the drop-down list in the window and select All files.

This allows us to view all the formats of the disk location in which we are located, so we only have to choose the corresponding .DOCX to open in Notepad. Of course, we must take into account that because this is a plain text editor and the DOCX are formatted natively, in Notepad they will be unreadable. This means that we are going to find ourselves with a good number of characters that are practically meaningless that will be of little use to us.

We must know that for be able to read and edit a text file created in Wordin Notepad, we will have to use some compatible format. For example, we can choose the type .txt when using the Save As function of the Microsoft program. In this way, we will be able to continue working with that text file in the program integrated in Windows if we do not have the one that is part of the Office suite.

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