Can I quit my job and live on Twitch? This is what your users earn

To broadcast on Twitch the single investment What we must do is that of the equipment and accessories that we need, be it a computer, console, microphone, webcam and others, since the purple platform does not require a payment to use it. However, they do not live off the air and somehow you have to pay for the servers and all the necessary infrastructure to be able to carry out the transmissions.

How much money can you earn on Twitch?

Once we have passed the first phase, becoming affiliates, we can start making money on Twitch through subscriptions and bit donations. The price paid by users who support us does not go entirely to us, but is shared equally with Twitch, that is, 50% for us and 50% for the Amazon platform. The distribution of the bits is different, since the streamer keeps 80% of the total. To give us an idea, one bit is equivalent to one euro cent, while the subscription price in Spain is 3.99 euros and is not the same in all countries.

Yes, things are going well for us, and we become partners, in addition to the income from subscriptions and bits, we can also receive money for the advertising that we show on the channel. The more minutes of advertising we show, the more money we will receive, however, it is a double-edged sword since non-subscribers can go to other channels where less advertising is shown.

Set yourself a role model

To become successful on this platform, we must dedicate hours to it, as if it were any other job. But, in addition, we must also study the schedule in which we want to broadcast in order to reach a greater number of users. If we take into account that in the morning in Spain It is night in Latin America, this time may not be the best, since our reach is reduced.

However, if we start our activity in the evening, Spanish time (as Ibai, AuronPlay, Rubius and others do), the number of potential followers increases considerably, since in Latin America it is daytime. Another aspect that we cannot ignore is perseverance. If we broadcast one day yes and two days no, we will never be able to create a loyal audience that wants to accompany us. If we want to become a successful streamer, we should treat it like a job, devoting all our attention to it just like we do in our work.

This is what the most famous streamers earn

Unlike any small streamer, Twitch has special deals with the bigger streamers, with a different subscription revenue split, as 70% goes to the streamer and the rest for Twitch. To make an approximate calculation of what they can earn, we just have to multiply the number of subscribers you have (on some channels it is shown through a chat command) and multiply by the price of the subscription, subtracting the 30% that Twitch stays.

In October 2021, an internal Twitch document was leaked where you could see how much money the big streamers on the platform around the world had earned in the last two years, including the Spanish, which allows us to get an idea of ​​the money that they win.

  • auronplay – 115,000 euros per month.
  • Ibai – 77,000 euros per month.
  • ElRubius – 57,000 euros per month.
  • TheGrefg – 46,000 euros per month
  • JuanSGuarnizo – 38,000 euros per month
  • alexelcapo – 35,000 euros per month.

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