Can I replace Photoshop with Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

Despite the widespread use that different solutions focused on photo editing currently have, there are multiple levels and modes of operation. If we focus on this sector in particular, there is no doubt that one of the main protagonists of it is Adobe photoshop.

It could be said that this powerful program is the benchmark in everything related to photographic editing and design. This is something that has happened for many years in which the application itself has grown substantially. To all this, which we comment on, we could add the fact that it is capable of meeting the needs of both novice and professional users.

But of course, at the same time we must bear in mind that it is a payment software solution for which not everyone is willing to pay money. Precisely for this reason, many other developers make their projects focused on image editing. Many of them can also be found completely free of charge for use on our computers.

Photoshop main interface

Speaking of Adobe, we must bear in mind that it is a software giant that makes many other multimedia products available to us. Some are also related to working with photos, others with videos, animations, etc. In these same lines we are going to talk about a new service that has just been launched and that perhaps some may think that it will serve to replace the popular Photoshop. Specifically we refer to Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs. Photoshop

We have already commented that most of you know the photo editing program, Photoshop. But being a relatively new product, you may never have heard of Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Well, to give you an idea here we are faced with an interesting product that we can make use of online. It will help us to quickly carry out work related to our multimedia content.

This will allow us adapt and personalize these videos or images for different platforms such as social networks, from our mobile devices, for example. In addition, when loading from a cloud service, we can use both the programs and our content from anywhere. It is for all this that we can affirm that it is a platform that will be of help on many occasions.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

With everything and with it one thing is admitted that this cloud platform it can become an excellent tool for many users, and another thing is to compare it with Photoshop. And it is that at first we could say that this is a platform especially suitable for end users who occasionally want adapt and improve your multimedia content. However, to get the most out of everything related to photo editing to the highest level, there is the aforementioned Photoshop.

Due to all this, more than competing this powerful program with the online service, they could be considered as two complementary elements of the Adobe signature.

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