Can I try Office with Microsoft 365 before paying for it?

Microsoft is one of those software companies that offers us a multitude of its own projects in the form of very complete platforms and programs. In addition to the popular Windows operating system, leader in desktop computers, it also offers us other highly successful components, such as Office.

Surely many of you already know that here we refer to a powerful productivity suite made up of some of the most widely used programs in the world. Specifically, we refer to applications of the importance of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. It is more than likely that most of you have used, for one reason or another, one of these on multiple occasions. It is true that there are other similar alternatives that are completely free, but they still do not reach the popularity of this one mentioned.

It is interesting to know here that we have the possibility of buy an office license in a conventional way and thus dispose of it forever. But at the same time, the firm offers us the possibility of using these programs only when we really need them. All this through the so-called proposal Microsoft 365. Here we refer to a subscription model for which we pay only when we are going to use the suite as such for a certain period of time.

In fact, the software giant in recent times is betting more on this subscription mode, than for the complete license of the suite. Keep in mind that Microsoft 365 offers us many advantages, such as always having the updated version of these applications, among other things. At this point, some of you may be wondering if you have the opportunity to try this modality before starting to pay.

Try Office through Microsoft 365 without paying

The first thing we should know here is that we have the possibility of paying the cost of the subscription both monthly and annually. As usual, the second method gives us a slight discount by subscribing to the office suite for a full year. But perhaps many of you first of all want try this subscription mode that Microsoft proposes before spending a single euro.

Well, for all those who have asked this on occasion, it is interesting to know that the software giant gives us this opportunity. Specifically, we have the possibility of use Microsoft 365 for a whole month for free and as a test. If you want to carry out this movement, all you have to do is register on the firm’s official website to start this trial period.

As previously indicated, in order to register it is essential that we enter the data of a bank card, even if we are not charged anything at first. In addition, during this month we will have access to the family modalitywhich allows us to share the subscription with up to 5 users. Here we will have access to all the applications included in the office suite. We can also cancel this trial subscription before the end of the month and thus prevent the monthly payment from being charged to the inserted card. In the case of not canceling this period, we will automatically be charged for the subscription to the Microsoft 365 suite after that month and continue using Office.

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