Can I use a screensaver on Kodi?

In this same sense we can also mention the pop vlc that we find in most of the current equipment. But globally and to work with all kinds of multimedia content, most opt ​​for the well-known Kodi. Previously known as XBMC, this is a software that is responsible for allowing us play and manage all types of files related to the multimedia sector. Specifically, here we refer to elements such as photos, videos, music, television channels, and much more.

In this way we will be able to manage all this through a single user interface that also seems like a completely independent operating system. But it is not like that, since this is a program that we install on the computer and that is also compatible with most devices and systems current. As you can imagine, all this opens up a wide range of possibilities, hence the popularity and widespread use of this application.

In fact, some put it into operation as soon as they turn on the PC and have it on screen practically all day. Moreover, there are users who have computers exclusively dedicated to working with this application and its corresponding added files and libraries. Precisely for all this, below we are going to talk about a utility that will allow you to protect your interface and, in part, the computer screen itself. We refer to the possibility of configuring and using a screensaver just as we have been doing for years in Windows.

Set up and use a screensaver on Kodi

For all those who have ever asked about the possibility of using an element of these characteristics in the Kodi multimedia center, we will tell you that it is possible. The application itself gives us the possibility of set up and use a screensaver in the program in a simple way, as we will see next. Initially, all we have to do to access this specific parameter is to click on the program’s configuration button.

We find this located at the top of the main interface and is shaped like a gear. Once here, we find various configuration parameters and in this case we access the so-called Interface. In the left panel of this section we find precisely the section we are looking for, the so-called Screensaver. From here we will have the possibility of enable and configure this item what interests us

From Screensaver mode we can choose any of the elements that the Kodi software itself offers us by default, or load other external ones. But that is not all, but from this same window we can also set a startup soundor indicate the time frame what must happen before the screensaver starts. We will even have the possibility of configuring this element so that it appears dimmed if we pause the playback of a video.

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