Can I use Audacity as a music player?

One of the activities that we most often do with our computer is related to sound. Either to listen to our favorite songs or to perform sound editing tasks when recording our own audios or podcast. Among the programs related to audio, one of the most popular is Audacity, which we have surely used or heard of on occasion as an editor, but not as a player.

Usually we are likely to use a media player to listen to our music and Audacity as a tool for music editing. However, the popular editor is also capable of playing music with great quality. That is why we should not rule out their use for it, although they may lack options with respect to some of the best players on the market.

Editing and recording audio, his specialty

If Audacity is known for something, it is for being a program with which it is possible to edit and record audio. Despite being a open source software and therefore free, it has always stood out for being quite complete. Therefore, it is mainly used to turn our computer into a home recording studio. Among its characteristics, it stands out for offering compatibility with the most used formats such as MP3, AC3, WMA, M4A, among others, allowing us to edit our sound files and export our recordings, even several files at the same time. In addition, it has a wide variety of effects to change the speed of the tone or recording, as well as plug-in support.

For all these details along with others, they have made Audacity one of the most important options when it comes to editing audio. And it offers good results without the need to resort to other payment software. However, what many users may not have come to consider is to use this program as less complex than music editing, such as our own music player.

Using Audacity to listen to music, is it recommended?

When choosing a music player we have a wide variety of programs available. Many of them are free, such as the popular VLC Media Player, the classic Windows Media Player or others that are gradually gaining ground such as KMPlayer or MusicBee. That is why we may not think of using Audacity to listen to music, although it may possibly surprise us.

If we have ever used Audacity we know that it is a program that has its own integrated player. From there, it is possible to listen to the songs, something essential if we want to edit them later. If we try to load a file and listen to it with headphones we can see how its sound quality is especially good so it is not disposable as a music player.

Since the songs are heard very well, it can be an alternative to save space on our hard drive and avoid using a music player with Audacity already installed. In addition, it has the advantage that the sound fits perfectly with Windows’ own sound equalizer.

Now, we must be clear that the main objective of this software is to edit the audio. This means that it may lack the tools of a good music player. That is why we will not be able to create playlists for several songs, nor does it allow us to import folders with songs, so we must play them individually. Also, if we listen to large files such as podcasts that are longer than an hour, it may take even more than two minutes.

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