Can I use Cortana to type with my voice?

The exponential growth that many of the voice assistants that we find in different devices are experiencing today is enormous. Due to this, at the time, Microsoft also wanted to offer its own proposal of this type by launching Cortana and offering it on your Windows operating system.

I’m sure many of you are used today to handling a multitude of devices from your speaker with alexa, for example. You also manage some of the functions and give orders to your mobile devices thanks to the assistants that include Android either iOS. These intelligent software elements in these times are able to listen to our voice and fulfill all kinds of orders that they execute if they are compatible.

Little by little we have become accustomed to these attendees who are expected to continue to grow in the future. As we mentioned before, Microsoft did not want to be left behind in this successful market. Hence it started with development of your own assistant called Cortana that he made available to all the millions of Windows users. Microsoft’s main initial objective with this interesting element was that users in the future could control the operating system almost entirely by voice.

There is no doubt that this would be a huge advance in the experience of using Windows. However, the truth is that the acceptance and use of Cortana in teams based on this system, it was not what was expected, far from it. For a while some commands were tested in Cortana via voice to manage Windows, in addition to being able to do searches, queries, etc However, all this was disappearing over time due to the little use that users made of all of it.

Features currently available for Cortana

Perhaps one of the main reasons is that handling a mobile with the voice through the google assistant or of Siri, it is very different from doing it with a desktop PC. With everything and with it at this time perhaps many are wondering about the possibility of write texts in Windows using the voice assistant. In case we are considering use voice in different programs that we have installed in the system through Cortana, we must be clear that it is not possible.

Although initially that was one of the objectives of Microsoft itself, in the end it is something that it did not implement. In fact, at this point we could say that this is a function that has practically been almost abandoned by the software giant. Therefore, in the only section of Windows that we can write with voice in these moments is in the box of the Cortana function itself.

Thus, if we have the microphone of our PC active, when accessing the assistant we will have the possibility of writing using only the voice. Of course, we must bear in mind that the usefulness of all this at this time is quite limited. We will be able to make some very specific queries to the assistant, or ask for answers about questions related more to entertainment than anything else. In other words, Cortana’s functionality is limited to telling us a few jokesanswer own questions recite a poemand a little more.

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