Can I use several Bizum accounts on the same mobile?

One of the most widespread methods and that more and more people are using is the one known as Bizum. This is a platform that was initially launched to perform direct payments and immediate in meetings with family friends without having to use coins or bills. But there is no doubt that it has turned out to be a resounding success that little by little is being extended to all kinds of uses, even to conventional stores.

At this time, most banks give us the opportunity to register the service and thus pay directly with the mobile. All this is done in a matter of seconds and it is something that the digital applications of the banks that we comment on offer us. Little by little and over time, new banking entities have been added, becoming compatible with the platform. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is deactivated by default, so we will have to put it into operation by hand through the corresponding bank app.

However, we will also find certain limitations related to the boundaries to send and receive by bizum. At the same time and due to its widespread use, the Treasury is beginning to control purchases and sales through this system to avoid misuse. For example, we have the possibility of transferring up to 2,000 euros on the same day and the limit for each individual transfer is 1,000.

How to use more than one Bizum account on the mobile

It is also important to know that we will not be able to make transfers of more than 5,000 euros during the same month. It must be taken into account that this platform is associated with our bank account and the mobile number. This means that, as they let us know from the payment platform itself, a certain telephone number can only be associated with a bank account number from which we use Bizum.

Therefore, those of you who are wondering about the possibility of using several platform accounts on the same mobile phone say that initially it is not possible. But we can always use the picaresque to achieve the goal we seek in this case. Despite the impossibility that the platform initially proposes in this case, let’s see how to solve it. The first thing we should know is that most mobiles at this time have the possibility of using two independent SIM cards.

Each of them with its own mobile number, which gives us the possibility of associating a bank account and its corresponding Bizum service with each of them. Basically this will allow us to use two independent services for these immediate payments, from the same mobile, although using different numbers.

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