Can I use the Raspberry Pi to program with AI?

When we talk about Raspberry Pi, we mean a motherboard that can be part of a mini-PC at a really affordable price. To all this, we can add the multiple uses that we can give to this equipment, largely limited by our imagination. We can even program and develop projects related to artificial intelligence or AI.

There are many users who choose to build a mini PC with these characteristics from a Raspberry Pi to mount a retro console. Others prefer to use it as a media center, or as a download server. Depending on how we want to use this small team, we will have to opt for one operating system or another. At the same time, other key elements also come into play here, the applications that we install to get the most out of the device.

As we mentioned before, in this case we want to focus on the utility that we can get from this board related to the artificial intelligence. And it is that among the many projects published on the internet that we can take as a basis, there are also those related to AI, as we will see. The first thing we must take into consideration is that the Raspberry Pi has some technical characteristics to execute phases of AI projects. At the same time, it can also be of help to us in order to create a lab-like learning environment for these same tasks.

For all this that we tell you and carry out projects related to artificial intelligence on this device, the first thing we recommend is to install Python. To say that this is one of the most suitable programming languages ​​to carry out AI projects.

What do I need on Raspberry Pi for AI projects

It is evident that to be successful in this that we tell you we should have some prior knowledge related to the aforementioned Python language. From here we can address a multitude of environments related to artificial intelligence. For example, if we are interested in the world of video game, the tool called OpenAI Gym will be very useful to us.

In the same way we can also make use of a bookstore proposed by the search giant, Google, which we will appreciate for this type of use. Its name is TensorFlow and it will serve us, once installed on Raspberry Pi, to work on AI projects and machine learning, I give you using the aforementioned Python.

We have many other tools and libraries for all this, although our knowledge, patience and creativity also count.

Projects to take advantage of artificial intelligence

We already told you before that the projects that we carry out here joining both elements, Raspberry Pi and AI, to a large extent will be limited by our creativity. Many users have already carried out their own and have shared them on the internet.

Serve as an example of all this the project Chatbot, a program that acts as text classifier with AI. It has been developed in Python and the NLTK module, as well as a bot of the Telegram. Likewise, an object detector has been created with a Raspberry Pi using a camera connected to the device.

Through the aforementioned artificial intelligence, this project focuses on identifying fruits, cars, appliances, etc. Yes, for him AI development and machine learning, the author must use dozens of upload images for further identification. And there are many more similar projects, more those that we set out to create ourselves.

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