Can the iPad 9 beat the Pro of 2018? Attentive to the comparison

The Cupertino company does not stop evolving all its products, however, on some occasions it may happen that a new device continues to be below another that was presented years ago. For this reason, in this post we want to see if the 9th generation iPad is capable of outperforming the 11-inch iPad Pro of 2018 on paper, since also according to what circumstances they do not differ so much in price.

What elements are different?

To these two devices they are separated by several years in timeHowever, since they are two totally different ranges of the same product, it is possible that many users may hesitate to purchase one or the other based on the benefits they are capable of providing. Below we will briefly comment on which are the most significant.

  • Design It is the first thing that jumps out when buying both devices. The 2018 iPad Pro 11 ”was the first to adopt this famous frameless design that Apple users have loved so much, while the iPad 9 remains anchored in an already historic design.

  • The screen It is probably the most differential between the 9th generation iPad and the 11-inch iPad Pro of 2018. To begin with, the size is different, on the one hand you have 10.2 inches and on the other 11. But the difference is not really in the size , if not in the technology of it. On the iPad Pro you have a Liquid Retina with ProMotion technology and on the iPad 9 a Retina display.
  • Port It is another point that radically makes a difference. The iPad 9 still maintains the lightning connection, while the iPad Pro has USB-C, which allows you to have a much wider range of accessories to connect and use.
  • Apple itself continues to leave behind the iPad 9 compared to the iPad Pro 11 »of 2018, since accessories As the 2nd generation Apple Pencil or the famous Magic Keyboard They are not compatible with the iPad 9.

iPad Pro keyboard

  • Another difference lies in the way of unlocking the device. The presence of the Face ID on the Pro makes it much more comfortable to use this device, while the Touch ID it is still the method that iPad 9 users have to use.
  • As to power You will hardly be able to find differences, in the case of the Pro model it has the A12X Bionic chip while the iPad 9 enjoys the A13 Bionic chip.

Our conclusion

The truth is that the 11-inch iPad Pro of 2018 it is still a device that in most cases it will give you better benefits than the 9th generation iPad. Nevertheless, This does not speak badly of the iPad 9, but on the contrary, that Apple has been able to give the same power to both devices speaks highly of this iPad.

On the other hand, it is normal that technologies that today are still reserved for iPad Pro models, are not present in the cheapest iPad model that Apple has on the market. At the end of the day, although they are two devices that today could be compared, the truth is that are two ranges focused on two totally different audiences.

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