Can you find a job easier with LinkedIn Premium? Differences with the free

Not only that, but here we come across a useful social platform that will help us to establish all kinds of professional contacts with other users. Whether they are from our sector or from any other, here we can establish communication for all kinds of tasks related to the professional world. For all this we do not need more than an email with which to register on the platform as such.

From there we can begin to create our own profile, upload our resume and start networking. These can be carried out both with employers and with other colleagues who are also looking for a job or want to improve their current one. But additionally, for those of you who don’t know, we will tell you that there is a Premium modality in the LinkedIn social network that can sometimes be very helpful. Next, we are going to talk about these modalities platform premium so you can assess whether they are useful or not.

The first thing we should know is that we find a total of four categories of payment that we will describe below. However, we have the possibility of subscribing to any of them without spending a single euro for a full month. This will also be very helpful when deciding whether to continue paying for the subscription, or continue with the free mode. In addition, each subscription model has the advantages of the previous one, and new ones.

LinkedIn Career

It is a subscription model that can be very useful when it comes to finding a new job. The reasons for this, the platform is responsible for highlighting our profile so that employers can see us above the rest. In addition, we will have access to a comparison with other applicants to the same job that interests us. It is important to know that with this subscription we can also acquire new knowledge that will be very useful to us.

Business Subscription

In addition, here employers will have more possibilities when locating suitable people for the offered position. You’ll also find features to promote your business and enhance professional branding own. All this in order to grow in a social network specially designed for this type of task and used by millions on a daily basis.

Sales Navigator Core

In this case we find a modality to which we can subscribe in the social network especially focused on professionals. The reason for this is that it offers us the possibility of locating clients and direct accounts for our business sector. At the same time, we will be able to obtain information in real time and carry out communication with potential workers in a more personalized way. All this in order to win new customers and grow our company Thanks to the social platform.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

To finish, we will tell you that the Recruiter Lite subscription is based on helping us find qualified candidates for the job we are applying for in a more effective way. It also puts us in direct contact with the most suitable candidates and helps us establish professional relationships with them.

In short, as an end user looking for work, in addition to the free mode on LikedIn, the only one that may interest us is LinkedIn Career. The rest is clearly directed even towards the professional sector and companies looking for workers.

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