Can You Use Tech to Make You a Better Gamer?

Gamers have plenty of ways to spend their money. Apart from newest hot titles, there are microtransactions, subscription services, merchandise, accessories, and even specially-designed peripherals. 

Gaming gear has become a big business with almost all hardware manufacturers slapping RGB lights on their products to satisfy players. But do these devices actually contribute to boosting your playing abilities?

Why Would You Need to Boost Your Gaming Skills?

It seems like everyone is playing some kind of game nowadays. Millions continue to enjoy the traditional AAA-style titles released for PC and consoles while many more take part in the hobby through their smartphones and tablets. 

This interest in gaming can be attributed to many factors, but one of them is the rise of esports and streaming platforms like Twitch. Streaming has helped to raise the standard of the average gamer since they get to watch the crème de la crème of gaming show off their skills. 

Gamers that watch these broadcasts then seek to replicate what they see the professionals do when they’re playing the same titles, lifting the average skill level among the general public. 

For new players, this can become quite daunting since they’ll often find themselves competing online against people that are much better than they are. 

Of course, no matter what games you play, you can learn new strategies and techniques to help improve your own abilities. When it comes to slots, doing things like practicing on free machines and checking the stats and attributes of individual titles can take your playing experience to the next level. Similarly, learning the maps and being cautious when turning a corner can make you a better player while you play Call of Duty. 

However, many marketing departments of manufacturing companies the world over will tell you that buying their products can help to make you a better game too. But are these claims justified or is it just sales patter designed to make you buy stuff? 

Gaming Keyboards and Mice

There are plenty of gaming keyboards and mice on the market, almost all of them styled in black with RGB lights and a hefty price tag that’s much higher than mainstream equivalents. While some cool customisable lights are unlikely to make any difference to your gaming performance, hotkeys might. 

Most gaming keyboards and mice include hotkeys, which are extra buttons that can be programmed to perform various tasks. For example, a button on your mouse that sit’s just underneath your thumb can give you instant access to a sidearm or a knife in games like Fortnite and PUBG.

While you may only be saving fractions of a second, this can mean the difference between success and failure in these sorts of games.

Surround-Sound Headphones

Headphones can offer you an advantage while you play games as they can give clues as to the direction of your opponents even when you can’t see them. 

Standard headphones might have two channels, one left and one right, but gaming headphones can include full 7.1 surround sound, which provides more granular clues as to the exact location of an enemy. 

This can be useful in all sorts of games, including racing games where the sound will help you defend against overtakes more easily and shooting games since you can hear people sneaking up behind you. 

A Bigger Screen

Size isn’t everything, but it can help. A larger monitor gives you a better field of view as you play which can help you to spot enemies sooner, even when they’re really far away. Of course, there is a point where you begin to see diminishing returns, but generally, the bigger the screen the better. 

It’s not just about size though. Monitors with higher resolutions can provide more detail which can also help you to see more detail. 

Specialist gaming monitors also come with higher refresh rates which can provide a smoother transition between frames. While this is unlikely to give you a huge edge, it will improve your playing experience. 

With just a few basic devices, you can find some marginal gains that could give you an advantage while you play. Of course, none of these things will make much of a change on their own, but they will work well together and compound the benefits.

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