Canceled series that left us without the ending they deserved


The first of this compilation cannot be other than Sense8. A series that undoubtedly left its mark on a lot and that, in addition, many others enjoyed watching it. In total, the plot of this title came to pass throughout two seasons with 24 episodes.

Through this series, the story of eight strangers of different origin, race and sexual orientation is told who, after a shocking event in their lives, end up obtaining a very special bond. In addition, they described the life of each character separately so that, somehow, we understood them much better.

But hey, if this title had such a good looking and projection, why was it canceled? Well, according to the different leaks and communications that took place some time later, it seems that the accounts did not finish coming out to the producer.

As we already told you in another article, Sense8 it is one of the most expensive series in all history. A total of 9 million dollars is the budget that has been estimated per chapter. And, why are we going to lie to each other, it is more than a compelling reason to cancel a production if the expected numbers are not reached.

The OA

Another of the great titles known both for its plot and for having been canceled is The OA. Another Netflix production that, despite the fact that everything was pointing quite well in terms of the response of its consumers, was suddenly canceled. In this case it was even more tragic, because no real reason has been found for it to go to that extreme.

The plot tells the strange story of a blind girl who had disappeared seven years ago. Suddenly the girl reappears but, in this case something had changed: now she could see again. A very original and well-managed story by the big red N platform, which managed to be echoed by many people around the world. However, as we told you, after two seasons and a total of 16 chapters it just vanished.

The visitor

The series of The visitor It was inspired by a Stephen King novel, in which everything begins after the cold-blooded murder of a boy in Michigan. Everything pointed to Terry Maitland, one of the most well-known and popular characters in the city. But after his arrest, different evidence begins to escape the understanding of the police and, to their surprise, the story does not quite add up.

At first this series was thought not to last too long, a fast plot. But little by little the story was extended to more episodes, reaching a total of 10 in the first and only season. Despite the fact that, to put it in some way, the plot was stretched, it did not come to an end with the correct closure. To everyone’s surprise, that we were expecting a next season, HBO announced that the series of The visitor It was over and they weren’t going to produce a single more chapter.

American vandal

It seems that Netflix’s own productions are in danger of being canceled, here’s another one: American vandal. A total of 16 chapters across 2 seasons after which the big red N decided to shelve the matter, and never better said.

The story of this series began with a real hooligan. 27 cars of all the teachers of a high school in the United States appeared completely full of drawings of penises on their body. Although everything pointed, as often happens on these types of occasions, the most thug in the school, the truth is that they could not pass sentence without evidence. Also, several students suspected that this boy, named Dylan Maxwell, was innocent this time. So, in true detective style, they got down to work trying to clarify the matter.


It is certainly not known whether the shadow cause of the cancellation of the series of Damned It was the pandemic or that, from Netflix, they did not reach the numbers they expected. Similarly, after many months without knowing anything about the second season of the series, silence fell again. The final result, 10 episodes of this fantastic series of Netflix’s own production of which we will never know its end.

This series opted for a different vision of the legend of King Arthur. After the death of her mother Nimue, a girl with a somewhat special gift, meets Arturo. This boy goes in search of the magician Merlin with the mission of giving him a sword. Nimue decides to accompany him on his journey and together they will end up fighting against every evil that approaches them.


Any series fan knows the hated Black Friday in which the company canceled several series it was working on in less than 24 hours. One of those affected was Bonding that, after the 16 chapters that housed between the 2 seasons that remained on the scene, Netflix simply decided to say goodbye.

A curious story in which we met Tiff and Pete, two childhood friends who many years later cross their paths again. She is a psychology student in New York, and he just came out of the closet. However, Tiff was hiding a somewhat peculiar secret: she is one of the most popular dominatrixes in the entire city. She will try to introduce her friend to the world to work as her assistant. A quite funny vision of the profession, without a doubt.

The Get Down

Another series that belongs to the most expensive productions in history is The Get Down. Where a total of $ 11 million per chapter was initially budgeted, it eventually turned into $ 16 million for different reasons. This caused the production company, again Netflix, to close the doors to a second season for the title. So, we only got to enjoy this series throughout its 6 chapters initials.

This series is dedicated to the history of rap and hip-hop in the late seventies. A plot that tried to reflect the corruption that existed in the world of music in New York at the time.

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