Cannabis and Video Game Culture

As with other hobbies and cultures, cannabis use among video game players is increasing. Does playing while high offer an advantage? This is one of the leading questions that users want to know. Reports show that users experience a heightened focus after smoking up the Dolato strain before a game. The chances that the focus is a direct result of the weed is a bit hazy.

Is it possible to increase playing ability by using weed? The answer depends on the strain of marijuana used, how much it is, and how frequently. In weighing ón whether it is a positive or negative effect, it is important to consider how cannabis influences the mind and body.

Can Cannabis Improve Playing Abilities?

Technically, no. Marijuana has no way of improving the skills of a player. What it does is entirely different. It affects the players’ mind and body, resolving stress, anxiety, improving focus, and the like. This is an advantage to other players not using the drug.

Weed is a psychoactive drug, and this is due to the availability of the THC cannabinoid. It reacts with neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain to produce a euphoric, happy feeling. Some reports show different effects altogether.

Players can experience body-wide relaxation that may lead them to sleep. That is why there are certain strains of cannabis one is advised to take before sleeping. The effects of marijuana can either be positive or negative.

 This leads to the conclusion that one cannot quite say weed improves playing abilities. Sure, it calms down the nerves and may or may not help you focus on slaying zombies, but it can also make you feel drowsy and incapable of giving it your best.

How Marijuana Influences Video Games Playing

As described above, marijuana can help you play better or worse. What it depends on is the potency levels of your weed. Research has shown that, comprehensively, cannabis results in increased cognitive function. But this is only the case with certain variants.

The variants differ due to three main aspects; the terpenes, the THC/CBD contents, and whether they are Indica, Sativa, or Hybrids. How do these three influence your video game playing experience? These three, to a large part, control the potency levels.

When it comes to terpenes, these compounds are responsible for the smell of your burnt marijuana. Some have fruity scents, while others have more earthy undertones. They are good for other things, too, not just the scent. Studies show that the likelihood of increased focus is higher with the use of strains with limonene and myrcene.

The THC/CBD levels are the most important parts of the process. This is mainly because they control the potency levels. As the psychoactive part of the cannabinoids, THC brings on an intense head high.

This results in more focus and attentiveness, immersing players in the video game. Strains with high CBD are more likely to work as an anti-inflammatory compound. This will increase relaxation and most likely lead to drowsiness.

Lastly, the Sativa/ Indica/ Hybrid question takes the cake. With recent studies, hybrids have proven to be more effective because they have higher potency and bring together the positive characteristics of individual plants. It all depends on whether you are playing a fast-paced or slow game.

Strains you Can Use while Playing Video Games.

When it comes down to it, the controlling attribute is the variant of marijuana you use. With different effects expected from each strain, what you want is one that suits your preference. Here are some of the top ones for both fast-paced and slow-paced games;

Critical Mass

This strain is more indica based with a THC and CBD ratio of 1:1. On matters of effect; it produces an enjoyable euphoric high that spreads all over the body. The cerebral influence leads to better focus and attentiveness without the problems of anxiety and stress. Its calming effect makes this variant more suitable for slow-paced games requiring intense critical thought.

Hawaiian Diesel

Paired with a tropical scent, Hawaiian Diesel best suits the fast-paced game. It is a strong Sativa strain that concentrates its impact on the cerebral effect. Users report an intensified focus that results in better cognitive function. This translates to better reflexes and discernment in the gaming arena. Players become more tuned to fast-paced action games and cross out any external distractions.

Durban Mango

This is the strain for you when it comes to fast-paced and exciting games. It is the breed between Durban and Mango, resulting in a highly packed Sativa. The beauty of this variant is that it offers a head high that does not translate to a relaxing body high later on. Players keep their heads in the game and can play tough situations without distractions. On top of its efficiency, it has a complementary tropical scent that eases the players and gives them more focus.

White Widow

Yet another Sativa strain; this one is best suited for action games. This is because it leads to an energizing and freeing head high. The high does not descend into the body, and you keep your head in the game for long hours.


It is common for stoners to want to get high as they do other things. Gaming and getting high are not such far-fetched things. Most people wonder about the exact effect of weed on video gaming. Does it improve the player’s functions? Does it reduce the same? The appropriate answer to both is no. Just like cannabis doesn’t improve sports performance, so does it not influence video gaming ability. It puts an individual in a situation where they are most capable of choosing and using their acquired skills.

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