Cannibal storms threaten the Earth and human life; they will alter the electricity grid

Among some members of the scientific community, concern has grown about the so-called “cannibalistic” solar stormsThis after a series of outbursts occurred on the surface of the Sun and in recent days the Earth has been hit by a large geomagnetic storm.

Since the first days of November, the Center for Space Weather Prediction, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, recorded several coronal mass ejections, which are billions of s clouds of plasma gas with magnetic fields of radiation and wind from the Sun.

What are scientists worried about?

This solar activity is not recent and is part of the star’s cycles; periods like the one we go through now they usually last at least 11 years; however, some experts believe that there could be voltage irregularities in the electrical network, false alarms in safety devices and intermittent satellite navigation problems, which could cause accidents.

The researchers documented the fusion of several coronal mass ejections, “The former essentially made its way through about 150 million kilometers and almost made way for others to come in behind it. Sometimes we use the term ‘cannibalize’ the one ahead, “explained Bill Murtagh, coordinator of the Center for Space Weather Prediction.

Although the name lends itself to imagining apocalyptic scenarios, Bill explained that the situation is manageable, but that if the “cannibal” phenomenon grows more, it could interfere in the infrastructure of the Earth, affecting communication systems and electrical devices on an unfathomable scale.

The last time there were affectations, all right with NASAIn 1989, a 12-hour blackout was reported in Quebec by a solar storm and in 1859, one of the largest known solar storms removed telegraph systems and caused auroras in Hawaii.


Could Solar Storm Generate Massive Blackout? This is what scientists say


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