Canon already has the Full Frame camera you were looking for: small, complete and at a good price

Canon EOS-R8

Canon has a new member in its family of mirrorless cameras, it responds to the name of EOS R8 and offers a letter of introduction that will quickly attract the attention of many photography lovers who were looking for certain characteristics and, mainly, a reduced price within the mirrorless cameras. This is the EOS R8, a very compact model that is sure to catch your eye.

What the Canon EOS R8 offers

Canon EOS-R8

With a truly compact body (slightly larger than an R10), the camera’s best-hidden secret comes in the form of a Full Frame sensor. It is quite surprising to see such dimensions of the sensor in such a small body, and it is that this sensor of 24 megapixels it is similar to what we already saw on the Canon R6 MKII.

With a speed of 6 images per second with a mechanical shutter (40 images if we use the electronic shutter), the camera makes it clear that it is intended for an enthusiast public that does not become part of the professional sector. And it is that the body loses the characteristics of a professional camera, such as a higher quality of construction materials.

But if there is something where you can see that it is one level below the most powerful of the brand, it is in elements such as the electronic viewfinderthat with a resolution of 2.36 million pixels it falls well short of the more than 3 million pixels of the viewfinder of the R6 MKII (while also being smaller).

Very light

Perhaps one of the biggest headaches for the advanced user in photography is that he sometimes finds it difficult to carry his photographic equipment with him. Well, this Full Frame model weighs only 461 grams (battery and card included, but without lens), which makes it the lightest Full Frame EOS R.

full video

Canon EOS-R8

Continuing with the complete list of specifications, in terms of video, the manufacturer wanted to give the camera complete freedom, allowing record in 4K at 60p no cropping, upsampling the image captured by the 6K sensor. Thus, very defined images are achieved, being able to also record in 1080p resolution at a speed of 180 images per second.

What the Canon EOS R8 is missing

It is inevitable to ask for more features from a recently launched product, and with this Canon EOS R8 it was not going to be less. The problem is that we feel a rather painful absence, since the body does not have an integrated stabilization system. This from our point of view is something that we would like to have found, however, taking into account the final price of the product and the weight (it becomes the lightest Full Frame in the catalogue), it is understandable that the manufacturer has taken this license to launch a camera in this way that is not intended for the professional public.

How much does it cost?

Canon EOS-R8

The official price of the new Canon EOS R8 is €1,889 (body only), an amount that does not make it the cheapest Full Frame of the brand (that is still the EOS RP), but taking into account the characteristics and the new generation we are talking about, we are convinced that it is the cheapest Canon in terms of quality and price. It can be purchased from April 30, although it can already be reserved on the Canon website.

The question that arises is whether the absence of an integrated stabilizer could cause too many problems, and that is something that we will have to check in our tests, to see if this sensitivity of up to 102,000 ISO is capable of compensating for its shortcomings.

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