Canon bets on the image analytics sector

The image has the ability to improve the safety of companies and their employees. In this sense, Canon continues to innovate in image analytics solutions and reinforces its IP video surveillance business line in Spain, after five years in the sector. In recent years, the company has acquired three companies specializing in security and IP video: Axis Communications, the Swedish company that invented the IP camera; Milestone Systems, a Danish provider specialized in video management software on open platforms; Y briefcam, Israeli video content analysis software firm. Thanks to this 360º experience, Canon offers a wide variety of technological capabilities aimed at any sector such as logistics, retail or the food industry.

The multinational has Specific image analytics solutions aimed at optimizing logistics flows. Canon technology allows real-time monitoring of all activities in the facility, for example, the entry and exit of all vehicles, as well as the time they have remained in the plant.

In addition, this solution allows the license plate of a truck to be associated with a scale to automatically measure loading and unloading times and their weighing, send the trucks directly to the corresponding dock, or automate access management so that the barrier is raised automatically. automatically, maintaining control and streamlining the process.

Image analytics at the service of the supply chain

Another application of Canon’s imaging technology is aimed at optimizing the supply chain. Through the image, companies can have absolute control of all stages of the supply chain. In this way, they can control, to the maximum, all the traceability of the merchandise or raw material; detect any unforeseen manipulation; as well as anticipate possible anomalies affecting the quality of the product.

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Canon IP video surveillance technology also favors the prevention of accidents at work and the continuity of your business. This solution allows the proper use of PPE to be detected in real time (the placement of the helmet, the correct use of the mask…) in order to protect the workers as much as possible.

Also, this technology allows automatically identify any unusual behavior within an organization, such as falls, trips, collisions… to correct behaviors, understand what is happening and make smarter decisions. Lastly, it allows Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) professionals to carry out an ergonomic study and identify work areas and roles that involve risks in order to develop a specific plan aimed at improving employee safety.

IP video surveillance innovation and intelligence

In recent years, the Japanese multinational has acquired various firms specializing in IP video surveillance in order to offer its customers maximum versatility in image analytics. In this sense, in mid-2014, Canon Europe acquired the Danish company specializing in video management on open platforms, Milestone Systems, to strengthen its video surveillance business.

A year later, in 2015, the multinational bought the Swedish security company Axis Communications, specialized in video surveillance solutions and a leader in the sale of IP surveillance cameras. And finally, in 2018, Canon Inc. acquires the Israeli firm BriefCam, specialized in the marketing of video content analysis (VCA) software.

Thanks to this strategy, Canon has expanded its capacity and today offers an even wider range of cutting-edge technology and solutions in the fields of network cameras, video management software and content analysis software Of video.

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