Canon has a new compact camera with printer

Compact camera with integrated printer

This new camera that Canon Europe has just presented is designed for those users who want to take photos, personalize them and print them practically on the spot. A renewal of its well-known predecessor, the Canon Zoemini S, which is vitaminized with the application Canon Mini Print.

The Canon Zoemini S2 is quite a device compact and lightweight (weighing only 188 grams), it is available in Various colors among which we find: dark blue, pearl white and rose gold. A perfect pocket camera and incredible companion for your trips or meetings with friends.

Through this same team we can add filters, crop margins, choose between different shooting modes and select our favorite photos to print later. And, for those who are a little more professional in this world of photography, they can also adjust the white balance, exposure, apply color filters or, for example, convert their photos to black and white.

If for any reason you forget to fill the tray with photographic paper (for which you have a 10 photo capacity) you can continue taking photographs that will be stored in a microSD card to print later. Let’s say they will be put into a “print queue” so that the process will be faster.

And if you were wondering about her autonomy, this camera will be able to print up to 25 photos on a single charge. Then, we can reload it through the corresponding port.

Canon Zoemini S2: price and availability

Now that you know a little more about the new Canon Zoemini S2, surely you are wondering what its price is and when we can get hold of it. Specifically, this Canon 2-in-1 compact camera model will be available soon through its own website and other common outlets. Regarding the price, its predecessor, the Canon Zoemini S, costs 130 euros, while the new model is priced at 179.99 euros.

Remember that the paper it is compatible with is the Zink ™ Photo Paper, which has a usual cost of 26 euros in its pack of 50 sheets, and 11 euros for its pack of 20 sheets. We leave you a link in case you also want to buy it through Amazon.

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