Canon imageFORMULA RS40, new scanner to digitize and restore photographs

The Canon firm has launched the imageFORMULA RS40, a new scanner that is specially designed for photographic services of digitization and restoration of old photographs. This model also stands out for being one of the first of its kind, and range, which allows batch scanning of up to 40 photos and 60 documents in a single operation.

There is no doubt that Canon has launched the imageFORMULA RS40 with a very clear intention, to provide a tool that allows professionals to take advantage of the growth that the sector of restoration of old photographs is experiencing, that is, those that were made in the analog stage of the world of photographyand that many of us have saved at home.

By digitizing and restoring those images we can share them on social networksand make sure that they are “immortalized” and that they become immune to the passage of time, as long as we take due care to prevent them from disappearing if we have a problem with the storage media on which they will be stored. For this, it is essential to resort to backup copies.

As anticipated, the Canon imageFORMULA RS40 scanner allows for fairly large batch scan jobs, which represents a significant time saving if we compare it with the classic flat-table scanner system, or with the use of smartphones to capture each photograph one by one. It should also be noted that this scanner does not require any type of complex software installation, and that it allows you to start scanning directly. It is intuitive and easy to use.

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Supports a variety of photo and document sizes, from panoramas to receipts, and the straight path of the conveyor reduces the risk of feeding errorsensuring that important photos or documents will not be damaged.

As for its functions focused on image processing, automatic correction stands out, which analyzes the scene of a photograph and subsequently applies the necessary corrections to clarify and improve the image, adapting it to display it perfectly on current screens. This Canon scanner also includes several face processing features such as face smoothing, face sharpening, red-eye correction, and paper texture correction.

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