Canon Kokomo, new virtual reality platform for immersive experiences

canon kokomo is a virtual reality software platform that will change the way we understand human communication. Although its launch is not scheduled for a few months, this technology will allow users make immersive callswhere they can see and hear each other live, while experiencing a virtual reality environment in captivating places such as Malibu, New York or Hawaii.

The multinational thus continues its commitment to immersive experiences. If last year he presented the RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYEa compact stereoscopic L-series RF lens for the creation of 3D and virtual reality content, this 2022 has set out to revolutionize the industry with a product that, although still in the development phase, will be launched on the market in the coming months .

Conversations in natural paradises and real scenarios

This technology makes it possible to have conversations in virtual reality, whether in a café in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, on a Caribbean beach or on top of a mountain. and it does without the addition of wacky digital avatars, but with the users own realistic live appearance. This solution will allow video calls, face to face, in unique environments and with absolute realism.

For example, if the user raises an eyebrow in real life, this movement is faithfully reproduced in virtual reality itself. Those facial cues that frequently get lost through the delay of videoconferences, will remain in this new virtual environment, simulating a face-to-face interaction.

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In this way, this software is designed to improve human communication at a distance through immersive video calls that will bring users closer through virtual reality technology. To do this, the app uses compatible Canon cameras and imaging technology to create realistic representations of users, turning calls into realistic face-to-face interaction that goes far beyond a screen or avatar.

“With Kokomo we do nothing more than maintain the innovative spirit that has characterized the company for more than 85 years, always at the forefront of image. The world changes and we with it, offering the latest technology and solutions to create memorable and meaningful experiences”has pointed out Juan Felipe Obrero, Country Director of ITCG in Iberia.

To use it, you only need a Canon camera, a virtual reality device and a smartphone. The current locations available in Kokomo have been captured in great detail with Canon’s own EOS R5 cameras and there will be many more as the software develops. «Our experience is not about multiple cameras, complex systems or professional setups»Juan Felipe explained. “This is real-time face-to-face communication that can be accessible to anyone.”

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